This is actually a post for a very special friend of mine on a subject that is very near to her. 

She publishes here at WordPress too but in a much more erudite and substantial manner on an esoteric subject that I once followed avidly, as a hobbyist, but now that I’m a broke, depressed, isolationist; I know nothing about.

 She writes on the sport that Toady might have called

And Jackie Stewart most assuredly did call “Motor Car Racing”

A misnomer if ever, as the only motor under the “hood” might just be the starter motor.

An engine is an internal combustion machine and a motor is the electrical machine that turns.

From Merriam-Webster online dictionary:
4: a machine for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion; also : a mechanism or object that serves as an energy source <black holes may be the engines for quasars>
1: one that imparts motion; specifically : prime mover
2: any of various power units that develop energy or impart motion: as a: a small compact engine b: internal combustion engine; especially : a gasoline engine c: a rotating machine that transforms electrical energy into mechanical energy    

***for my theory I’m not to fond of parts of 2:”*** seems like a little “lizard chasing his own tail***but what the ‘ell?  I still don’t think they’re interchangable but stand alone entities however I can be amicable and agree to disagree.

 But I digress.

I too have an interest in the issue that is really at hand, as my brother had serious financial trouble during his terminal bout with cancer and might have been part of this exploited work force had he lived long enough to be forcibly joined.  The Social Security Department, that finally condescended to allow him his own money back, stated that in three years he would be reassessed and probably put back into the work force.  Yah Right!!! Broken back, broken bones, broken will (well almost) and everything else; including a prognosis of 18 months at tops to live.  Plus pain beyond belief, let me know how that works out for even the most exploitive employer…MORPHINE here we come.

Also since I am a card carrying member of the GU (The Great Unwashed)  I am opposed to exploitation of any sort.  Of course, should I ever obtain money, from any source, I just might rejoin the Corporate Loving, Republican Voting, Religiously Intolerant sector from which I sprang…yah right!  But I probably shouldn’t shake my finger and point too much.  (Sorry Bad Finger)


Be that as it may, here is the email sent to me by my friend who forwarded it on from her sister who helped me greatly during the nine months I battled to get my terminal brother the SSDI payments he deserved for the 30 plus years he toiled hard to pay into this flawed system of ours.  As it was although he’d worked and deserved to draw on his SS, given the fact he was dying young, he only lived another eight months after he finally qualified for his just distributions and now the “System” gets to keep the major portion of his paid in dues…BUT…I digress again.

So without any further ado, and you have to admit I’ve ado’d all over the place…here is my friend’s email.


my nephew Alex is quite ill with cancer and has lobbied for this – passing along email from my sister… thanks for getting with the program – a

Sent to almost everyone in my address book.  It’s important to spread the word:    Fair Wages for Workers with Disabilities | NFB

 To save you time, the gist of this is that the NFB is lobbying for a repeal of the section of the ADA that says employers of disabled workers are permitted to pay them less than minimum wage, like pennies an hour. 

 Goodwill is fighting like mad because it will directly affect them and their 6-figure executive salaries.  I’m sure there are other charities involved but the NFB has targeted Goodwill for starters.

 Alex lobbied in DC last April.  Notices have been sent to all members of the House and Senate.  This has been a long time — too long — coming.  The ADA was passed in 1974.

 Please take heed.  Thank you for your time.

CyAnts at a family wedding – Nam Myoho Renge Kyo     sister dru