Oh yes Horace Rumpole, he brightened my life when I found him. 

I actually discovered him through Mortimer’s short stories in the 1970s, although they evidently were subsequent to the BBC series but at that time I did not “receive” the BBC and was unaware of this

“Freedom Fighter”

until the books were published.


 That “Old Bailey Hack” definitely agreed with Henrik Ibsen;

“Never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth”.

 Rumpole and I have so much in common, our similarities are very near.

 I too have occasionally been seen smoking a small cheroot

with cigar ash trailing down my waistcoat.

Oh yes, I certainly have the protruding stomach for that (or as I like to call it the shelf that carries my boobs)…again apologies but this time to Maya Angelou …but in regards to my face, I look more like Sir John C. Mortimer than Horace W. Rumpole for at least the former and I both wear or wore large crooked glasses. 

I’m also positive that the consistent medicinal intake of multiple glasses of Pommeroy’s Plonk would keep me astonishingly regular…

…and sometimes I might actually be seen, rising on my hind legs, to fight against iniquity and injustice and even possibly for truth.  JUST AS LONG AS I AM NOT ALWAYS FORCED TO SPEAK THE TRUTH; YOU MUST BUT I DON’T HAVE TO.    

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.     Oscar Wilde

In regards to the circumstance of my life; the unknown factors that seem to pass out those horrific unforeseen sentences on it; they can easily be equated to Rumpole’s “old sweethearts” on the bench, who would go out to eat buttered muffins after passing a death sentence.

  There is even a vague similarity regarding our choice of partners; for while Horace has his “She Who Must Be Obeyed” I have mine; “HE Who Will Not Obey.  Though in this instance I guess I more resemble Hilda than Horace.


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