i actually did meet uncle shelby, years ago, right here in my then own little burg but although i went to the book signing…i wasn’t young but hoping i was so young for him he’d give me a look…he talked almost more about his much younger than me new bride and his new baby than he did about his books

he was so in love i didn’t even give it a try, besides it was at a kid’s book store not a bar.

sigh…i sigh a lot

wore make up and everything

i did however get my book signed with a little line drawing but i sold it on ebay.

not because i was dissapointed…although that was true

but sold it years later…

because i needed the money

dear uncle, i always entitle my scratch word pages ABZ

love you and the slithergadee if that is how it is spelled…sold that book too

good night irene