when the hours are wee and small

  it occurs to me that sometimes anger is just another form of tears but that i’d rather defend my anger than expose my tears…..

 unfortunately i usually do it all; shout, defend, cry.



If you’re not careful you’ll trip on the cracks in the ceiling.

 If i could make one good decision for each twenty bad decisions, i’d be so far ahead of this game; i’d be winning.

 i hate tax time.

 i hate old cars.

 i hate my birthday.

 my ankle hurts.

 i’m so tired but i’m afraid of the dark,

also there are so many kittens in my bed and they jump on my toes…they look like pin cushions…my toes not the catz.

 i wish i’d met Uncle Shelby…..sigh

 nighty byes.

 Oh ps I wish people who actually know me wouldn’t call me at 7:30 in the morning, especially when i’m in insomnia mode and it is not an emergency.

but then how can they know? about the insomnia mode not the emergency

 going back to bed; good night chet..good night david or verse visa


the end