“She Is The Arrow”

 I’m not sure why I love that sentence so much but I surely do.

 I love A Knight’s Tale, I LOVE Princess Bride; for all of the same and completely different reasons.

 I also love almost any Hallmark Channel Xmas movie….because I just can’t help myself.  sigh

 I do know the Gaza is burning….but what am I to do?



I also know my Pip Squeak has cancer of the lymph glands and he isn’t even close to 3 years old.

 I know, I truly truly, do know, that I am TIRED!


Pip Squeak was the Runt of the litter 2 years ago.


The others would come out to eat and even play but at first he’d just stay under the bushes and never see the real light of day…however, after a while, when I’d looked out the window, I’d see him edging out of the really BIG BUSH and looking up at me…he “seemed” to find me interesting.  He looked at me a lot, actually seemed to see me; which in a cat is sort of weird as, I believe, they don’t recognize you except for voice and of course smell.

 What actually tamed him down was the bed.

CATZ likz beds…

the cushier the better!


He came in the house one day; following Tatt, and “Found” the bed…he liked that!

 Then since I sleep in it too, he decided he liked me…and there it goes; well in this case I probably should say…there it went.


Now he is very sick, albeit not acting as such…it was the swollen glands that gave this nightmare away,  and I have to decide if I’m going to take a role in the history of his life, well I mean a role that doesn’t actually mean just…


 He is so cute it hurts to my boots!

 the end

 in more ways than one…how did a cat get this?

 He has such a funny funny face but

i never wrote a “poem” for him…sigh