Hey (name deleted to protect the innocent)

long time no see…..

Well here it is again; Day After T-Day and no one has asked me to a

“Wild Turkey Party”…..AGAIN!!!

I had hoped I’d die before I got old…too late!

I’m SSSooOOOoo broke, if I wasn’t, I would get a taxi to Taylor’s for a shot or two of the Wild T-K.

I’m soOOOOooo TIRED of being old, boring, broke, and sexless.  No Dancing in your life causes NO HAIR, I’m an example and it is a well known fact, so when can you check out my new hair? 

I just got back from “dinner” at Tartan with “He Who Will not Obey”; “HE” a veggie burger, ME a bowl of soup…such a lot of clams… and the tab, well i did invite him not the other way around. 

Now “HE” on FaceBook and ME wishing I had taxi money.

I wore my wig tonight and may I say I looked fantastic in my wig of Chinese plastic!  I think it is made of recycled tires and may be radio active…you know those Chinese?  It is crumbling off my head so we need to check out my new hair soon.  I wanted to wear the Nico/Pat Benitar wig into the shop (EVERYONE will LAUGH) but I’m not sure I can keep it on my head for another wear, so the timing is important.   

Otherwise I’ll have to wear my new fuzzy “rat pack” hat.  When I’m not being Nico, Pat Benitar or my own self (a fat old broad with questionable taste in clothes and style), I wear the new hat and am Sammy Jr.    

OOoopps there goes another rubber tree plant…but I’ve had HIGH hopes.

I HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR!  So how are you Dear?

If this exact email isn’t my next blog then my next blog may be about legalization of pot which is ironic since I never smoke any…..WHERE is that Wild T-K when you need it?

Yesterday my T-Day “date” was “HE”’s 93 year old uncle and HIS was his 96 year old father; we went to my sister’s in R****.  WHeeee, then I covered the evening shift with the uncle and I couldn’t get him to bed. 

the end    (in more ways than one)