Bette Noir is a little black cat but she’s mean and she’s ornery and she fights like that.  I don’t suggest you lift her and you must ask her first to pat and I’m warning all you other cats you’d best remember that!

It appears that I’m having another Catz Crisis but this one doesn’t include Bette Noir….at least yet! 

Mostz ALL gotz a cold and a very bad cold at that.  I hate this time of year…reference:

“Song for The Great Cat Flu Epidemic of 2004”

I’m trying to give antibiotics in case there are secondary infections and everyone is eating…thank anyone you want…but I’m going crazy.

The antibiotic is in liquid form, so this is not a case of “How to give a pill to a Cat” BUT there are at least 6 of them with this respiratory thing and some of them won’t even let me near them, let alone touch them, so you figure it out?  It is hard to administer and regulate dosage when you’re just pouring liquid “stuff” into tuna juice and putting as many paper plates on the floor as you can handle in a minute.  Some catz may be getting 4 doses and some catz none.  Well as the vet might say, either they will live or not, it is you that won’t pen them.

 the end…sigh