I miss my coffee.     Cup&Beans

I miss the smell of my coffee in the morning.

I miss the sound of the grinding beans waking me up and the smell that comes from that Germanic and decadent grind.

(Those Germans do make great coffee grinders)


I miss the burble (Ba Blup – Ba Blup) of the percolator as it takes its own sweet time brewing (YES I SAID BREWING NOT DRIPPING or PRESSING) that dark brown elixir that may or may not be good for me; depending on what I’m reading today. 


I miss reading the paper in the morning with my dark brown liquid that smelled SSOOoooo GOOD.   SmellofCoffee2

(Hell I miss reading, I just gotz to get new glasses)

 Now don’t get me wrong, I still have coffee in the morning but it doesn’t smell to me like coffee should.  In fact it doesn’t smell at all.  It is no longer fresh beans roasted by “HE” and ground each day.  It is no longer perked for minutes at a time and kept warm until I unplug the great old Hamilton Beach percolator..even if it is two days later.. there is no longer that tantalizing aroma that speaks to me saying “Wake UP – Wake Up” it will be a good day because it is time for you to drink me.        

(Usually wasn’t a good day but it started well)


Now my coffee is made in a fabulously ingenious glass flask that allows you to place a paper filter in the mouth of the flask, place the, no longer freshly ground, grounds in that filter, and pour hot water on and through it.  It takes no time at all and is a wonderful way to make almost instant coffee that tastes like heaven, if you wish to sit immediately down and drink it.  It TASTES GREAT!!!  Don’t get me wrong but it is cold when I get around to it, I can’t lift the urn easily with my rotten hands, there is no smell that permeates the whole house, and so I miss my coffee.


I even sort of miss the second oldest way that my coffee has been made, “brewed” by way of a French Press but I wasn’t really very fond of that either….again no smell.  The grounds did however sit in the hot water a small while, instead of just letting the water  pass on through, and it did stay warmer just a little longer as there was a lid instead of a giant open mouth, and I could more easily pour it out, as it had a handle not just a neck.

 Now, don’t get me wrong, I could brew my own coffee my own old fashioned way, the way I did grind and brew it for years when on my own but I’M LAZY and not willing to go back to that by myself and “HE” likes, no may I say adores, it this way for so many understandable reasons, and “HE” is making it, not me, I’m just getting a free ride but….

…OCCASSIONALLY……I miss my coffee.  SIGH       TheEnd