I made the most delicious sausage last night…yah really me!

Now it was pork sausage so I’m sorry if I offend but really it just tastes so much better, I mean if you’re going to be bad…BE BAD…nobody really likes turkey sausage. Eat turkey or eat well but when you’re bad be bad!

(She sez as she’s limping toward 62, with luck, so take that with a grain of salt substitute)

I purchased just plain old store bought Italian Hot Sausage and cooked it in a pan with:

(Not necessarily in this order but I think so)

Salt, smidgeon of olive oil, and Tapatio’ hot sauce.

(oh that uncle rocks!)

After I rolled them often and they were brown…the sausage that is… I added beer covered them and let them simmer. After I took the lid off and the beer boiled down, I added some balsamic vinegar, some cheap red wine…more than some…a large dash of Lea & Perrins and a squeeze of lemon juice,

why the lemon juice I don’t actually know….been at the cheap red wine too much would be my guess.


Then I also cut up hunks of red bell pepper and added it to the pan/brew and cooked it all down to a marvelous reduction…a big gunky mess but oh so good. I “deglazed” the gunk with more beer, cooked that down to nut’n and then added this to a previously made pasta bake done by

“He Who Will Not Obey”


Umm Uumm Good

So There!