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Beerz & Ginz2

Then you know sometimes it pays not to talk at all, just to point.  So friends just point and click because when the hours are wee and small they can be awful or then can be good.


Just be glad it is not a Leonard Cohen night…but wait I’m sure that is coming soon.   sigh

Oops forgot this one, THANX Otis, Marvin,  and Booker T, you and the MGs, R&B, Memphis, Blues, and MoTown saved my sorry high school ass.   xxx ooo   dru

And oh lordy, oh lordy, i forgot to mention Gordy and while he probably would be offended at being in the same sentence…The Box Tops…What? I am white after all!!!AMX

One of my worst flaws is also one of my best assets because of course, as in all things; it is always to each his own.


I am haunted, horrified, angered, mesmerized and often soothed or elated by words.   I use words, and sometimes well; I speak words also sometimes well but often not so well and often as a weapon.

Yet without words I’m not sure any of us would exist or if we did would the existing  be worth it?

In prehistoric times I suppose words weren’t as necessary but once you have the wheel, the automobile, social gatherings, or even the need to say; “run here comes the thing that will eat us”

You, We, AND Everyone, need words!

I have been paid to talk.  No, not to write or speak at gatherings or produce literature, poetry, stories, books, pamphlets, or instructions but I have actually been paid to talk…just talk.

Not actually paid specifically in money-coin of the realm-but I’ve been provided great seats at operas, the best lunches in town, and a weekend getaway once just because I would be able to speak when the person paying didn’t know how or what to say.

“Come along and help me get through this; I want to do it but I just don’t know how.”


Unfortunately I frequently don’t think before or when I talk, just after;

Ergo, my flaw…

Otherwise, I’m perfect!