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Well, Well,

 Well, Well,


 I have nothing to say so I thought that I’d work at my blog today.

 I’m oft quite amazed at how prolific I be;

when I only write about nothing but me.

 Where is the content?  Where is the thought?

What are my angles?

Why am I wroth?

 I’ll tell you why I’m wroth!  My “uncle” has been put in Alzheimer’s Jail and placed on Hospice Care although, in my not so humble opinion, he has at least 3 to 4  pain-free good months left in him before the cancer really takes over again.  This of course means his normal doctors will no longer over see his care and he will probably never exit this new “home” again…

Upright that is.

 When the cancer returns in force and the pain sets in, I’m not sure how long then but I’m guessing not more that 2-3 months, if that, before everything shuts down but NOW he is not weak and there is no pain…

 I’m pissed!

 The hospice consultant has evidently instructed the care facility to keep him in a wheel chair because he is too weak to use the walker.  This is a LOAD!  So last Saturday when I visited, I demanded his walker and I walked him around the common rooms and…


 Sure he can propel himself around in that wheel chair with his feet but it is just not as good of exercise as walking.  Before he went in the hospital last month, he could walk as much as 2 to 3 blocks at a time and sometimes as much as a mile in a day; in the aggregate of course.

 He can still use his walker well; is not unsteady; had no trouble lifting himself up to use the walker; knew how to set the hand brakes when he did rise up; took direction; knew right from left; and said he wasn’t tried after about 10 minutes of continuous walking but now I guess he gets to only get out of that chair and into bed or on the pot and that is about it.  I think he even has to eat his meals in that chair.

The wheel chair doesn’t even have breaks so he can’t steady himself to get up without help, very effective captivity…

 I feel like puking!

 I also believe that if he was to become stronger it would not make the end time longer.  The cancer will act in its own time no matter his strength, he won’t linger because his legs are strong but the more he sits the more pneumonia loams and when the tumors become painful, the morphine will weaken him as fast as can be…

 I’m pissed!

 After I walked with him on Saturday I am more than convinced that he could walk to my car like he used to do and go for a drive.  I could take him out for ice cream, or to watch the trains, or just look at the construction going on in our town, like we used to do just over a month ago…

I’m pissed.

 So now I can only visit between 9-4 pm M-F, which is effectively never since I work over 20 miles from his “home” most afternoons/evenings.  However if I want to visit on the weekend, I must call the medical director and make arrangements for her to come in on her days off to oversee me as I visit.  Needless to say; I’m probably not going to do that.



 So after almost a year and a half of care overseen by me; four major surgeries within that time for the cancer, all with me in the pre-op room with the nurses and then waiting room; and two emergency room weekend visits, again with me by him for hours at a time; and multiple multiple doctors’ office visits…

 I’m probably not even going to be there for the end.

 Maybe in a few weeks I will have calmed down enough the eat crow and apologize and get to see him some again.  I have said I would to his daughter so that he is not completely alone.  She is really struggling with this herself but she is three hours ahead of us in time and many more hours away by plane, and he is just not very good on the telephone…

 but since it is always about me….




My Little Precious Nikko, is more than just a freako….

          But she wantz that baby food…

             And to get it, she’ll be RUDE !!!  NikkoRude






Colton has what my vet calls “Hamburger Throat”. 

It is some sort of immune deficiency condition and he needs a shot of something, every so often and his voice is always hoarse now and he sneezes a lot.


He doesn’t appear to be in pain but he has developed the funniest purr. 

 Sort of a cross between a wheeze, a snort, and a sigh; hardly a purr at all but he does it a lot while he is pushing his forehead against my forehead.  He is getting fairly old and he sits and sleeps on my computer desk most of the time and loves to get in the way. 

 So here is his song

                   Colton, Colton, doesn’t sing like Michael Bolton!

“Oowe meowe wheeze purr sigh….Oowe meowe wheeze purr purr sigh snort sneeze”

 Oh Someone Wipe My Monitor…PLEAZE!







I like sausage, I like meat,

I like bacon; it is very good to eat.




But I don’t like meat that comes in a can;

Yes I hate those little sausages and

NO I won’t eat spam!


The heat wave has broken, Hurray Hurray;

So I’ve decided not to even go to work today!

Of course I still will have to work,

from papers I took home;


But that means what once was gravy and dessert,

is now just meat left on the bone.

Wonder how I’m going to make the mortgage?

I’ll think about that tomorrow.