My Little Precious Nikko, is more than just a freako….

          But she wantz that baby food…

             And to get it, she’ll be RUDE !!!  NikkoRude






Colton has what my vet calls “Hamburger Throat”. 

It is some sort of immune deficiency condition and he needs a shot of something, every so often and his voice is always hoarse now and he sneezes a lot.


He doesn’t appear to be in pain but he has developed the funniest purr. 

 Sort of a cross between a wheeze, a snort, and a sigh; hardly a purr at all but he does it a lot while he is pushing his forehead against my forehead.  He is getting fairly old and he sits and sleeps on my computer desk most of the time and loves to get in the way. 

 So here is his song

                   Colton, Colton, doesn’t sing like Michael Bolton!

“Oowe meowe wheeze purr sigh….Oowe meowe wheeze purr purr sigh snort sneeze”

 Oh Someone Wipe My Monitor…PLEAZE!







I like sausage, I like meat,

I like bacon; it is very good to eat.




But I don’t like meat that comes in a can;

Yes I hate those little sausages and

NO I won’t eat spam!


The heat wave has broken, Hurray Hurray;

So I’ve decided not to even go to work today!

Of course I still will have to work,

from papers I took home;


But that means what once was gravy and dessert,

is now just meat left on the bone.

Wonder how I’m going to make the mortgage?

I’ll think about that tomorrow.