Now I’ve past through week four and I’m into week five

And again it’s been explained that I just don’t qualify

I’ve been to several consolers and they keep asking me my goal

And I just keep saying; “Hell just help me

because I don’t really know”

So each writes up one more contract designed to crush my soul

And I go back home and ponder

Which way should I now go?


They only seem to see a fat old lady and hystericalist…So they say I need more meds though I can’t afford a therapist

Then again they explain that I don’t deserve what they first mentioned when I was going home from what seemed like the detention

Yet everyone keeps asking me what is my intention

So then I almost feel like dancing again

just to get their attention



Spilt Milk

Spilt Milk

So far I’ve called on two bills from the ambulance and a shrink but even with one discount just those costs will make me sink

The shrink gave me a discount ‘cause I have to pay with cash

But the other gave me grief and so that bill goes into the trash

i  went to my PO Box and tried to face my mail

And like i anticipated the stuff made me go very pale



 There is another bill for eleven thousand from this last little foray

And a lien on my  sweet home from a taxing authority

Sigh…..   Well all this pissing and moaning makes me look like a jerk, so I guess I’ll stop this now and get ready for work… sigh….

dru dresses like a clown

dru dresses like a clown