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O’ Halloween Morn

Dawned pretty and clear

So it was quite obvious I had nothing to fear

 I jumped out of bed

With vim – vigor- and – sass

Only to do the Monster Cat Pooh Mash!



(just past)


No service in a chapel

No graveside mourning for me


No announcements

No pronouncements

No fake or heartfelt sympathy


Don’t put me in a casket

I would not even ask it


Just burn me in a box

No shoes no shirt no sox


Then put the bits that’s left of me

Inside my pots under my trees


And in the dark past midnight

When the hours are wee and small

Just think of me with fondness



If not then not at all



Things IS what they IS

So just let ‘em be;

That’s what they’s always

Saying to me


SO i tries and i tries

Yet inevitably fails

Cuz THINGS writhe in my gut

And nibble my entrails