Diary of a Mad dru

Well it’s been eleven weeks and I’ve finally got my very own shrink
Though I’ll not see her till January, so I got a shrink – I think
I’ve seen several different doctors in this three months lacking pelf
And each one has their own opinion on what I should swallow for my health
My group sessions are really helping
Often I’m the only one that’s there
But now now both counselors are leaving
Yet I’m not filled with despair……
                                                                         Yeah Right!  Not in Dispair  
And here come the Holidays and I have friends in crisis deep And I feel like I’m inadequate
but at least the pills do make me sleep  
And the money keeps on pouring out     
With very little coming in
But I got paid to sit with doggies
And was paid just to be a friend……
Now there’s a gig I should be ashamed of!    
                                 Blood Money
  So why am I so whiny, so pissed off, and so so blue?
Cuz there’s nothing happening in my life that isn’t happening in yours too!