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Saturday, our day of Quest, dawned beautiful and clear, in fact it was unseasonable for this Winter time of year.

We started out our journey on the windy canyon road, within the trunk was D’OWE’n  a heavy dusty load.

We were searching for Valhalla for which all warriors yearn and we found it almost easily with only one wrong turn.

So we said adieu to D’OWE’n that miserable old man grumpster

Neither cried but we were satisfied we hadn’t put him in the dumpster!  R.I.P,


dru dresses like a clown

dru dresses like a clown

Well here I sit with eyes all squinty

My forehead’s puffed and it hurts plenty

I’m going to group so that’s no stress

But for work today it’s the IRS!   paperwork2

dru dresses like a clown

dru dresses like a clown


The Great Grumbling Prehistoric Beasts go Rumbling thru the Land

They’ve only just now come to FEAST and wander where they can

They only eat from garbage cans, so I am not Afraid

But now I CAN’T get back to sleep because of the noise they made



Well last night I didn’t take my cowboy boots off before “HE Who Will Not Obey” went to bed….So I entered into the dark bedroom in total bad vision, bad night vision, and bad scratched glasses vision…BLINDNESS.

 **cowboy boots …now that’s a laugh if you know me;

hee hee hee**

 You see, when I have to take my boots off in the dark, I always reach for my slippers first, I keep them tucked under the side of the bureau about three  small steps inside the door, so I reached for them with my feet. 

**yes as my dad used to say, “we are all still part monkey”**

 Anyway I couldn’t find them, so I stepped forward again and bent down to get them with my hands but I’d miscalculated.  I bent down with force thinking I was in the open space by the bed; instead I was still in front of the bureau and whacked my fore head..front & center… with great force, or so it seemed to me and ended up on the floor by the bed blubbering like a big old (emphasis on the old) baby.

 “HE” woke up to try and help me but he couldn’t get to the light because he’d have had to step over me in the dark , so we retired to the living room to assess the damage.  No wounds, no blood, no stitches needed and probably no concussion, just ICE needed.

 Then “HE” who I asked not to…hence Will Not Obey…went back to kindly and thoughtfully put my slippers by the head of the bed and whammoooo; stepped on my glasses and broke them.  My only set with the current prescription…back to the grannies we go?  No.  Only the frames are left for Santie dru at Christmas.

 Much Much More boo hooing on my part and even a little on his as he is a sensitive but non-obeying beast.

So that was the Bump and Now for the other BEAST…. and yes it is me not him.

 Today I wear the glass old and my head hurts just like with a cold.

I’m going to have a horn at the very least,  so now I carry the mark of the beast.

Yes it’s jus there in the middle of my forehead. 

    Thank god for hats cuz I look just horrid!