Jillian Tit’n she had four kittens

But three of them died and  Jillian cried

 Jillian Tit’n now had one kitten

Which she carried with pride

Cuz it hadn’t died


Jillian Tit’n she found four kittens

So young that they barely squeaked

When they cried


Jillian Tit’n found another kitten

Aged somewhere between

Kitten one and two thru five


Jillian Tit’n she stole all those kittens

Now she has a Pride

Cuz now there’s more than five!


Jillian Tit’n found ANOTHER kitten

Other mothers growl when she comes in sight

Because Jillian Tit’n is a


“THEIF in the NIGHT”


Bette Noir


They vary in size but they’re all alive!