Stoat Mary

Stoat Mary

Mary Stoat:  So you have come back my dear.

Me:  Yes because I thought you called me.

 Mary:  I did my Indigo Child, I will continue my tale.

      Me: Your Tail?

 Mary:  No my Tale.  See my beautiful white coat?  See how thick it is and how white?  See the longer hairs are tipped silver at the ends?  This coat is part of my Tale.  I wear it not because it is Winter but because I am more than 2000 years old, give or take a decade or two, and the coat is mine by right of age, power, and character. 

 I am still a vicious killer but only when needs must.  I have learned to view the whole not the parts and curb my intentions and basic urges when they do not promote my well being as a whole.  I have learned to curb my tail.

Me:  I see but really I don’t.

 Mary:  Well my dear you have the eye, the pillow you noted was really not the Shop Lady’s own or hers alone to know the worth.  It belongs to me and is mine alone to know the worth.  She hides it in plain sight so that I know it is secure but the stone is mine.  It is the dead heart of Ioudas, the Betrayer and you recognized it because you so oft feel betrayed.  I wanted you to spot it because your betrayals, while real, are small and puny compared to this divine betrayal, probably the most notorious in published history.  The Publicist  for that Nazerene was truly amazing!

 Me:  I really don’t understand most of this, what is an Indigo Child, why do you reference the bible?

Mary:  Perhaps someday you will understand, perhaps not.  You are blue my child and may never understand but since you are so dark blue you may.

Me:  Tell me more, I want to understand.

 Mary:  Not now my child I have only one other thing to say at present.  You are correct; the Old Man lacks empathy and is filled with false compassion but just as you believe, it is not his condition that causes him to behave this way….he was always like this, only now just more so.  So remember these words and tell “He”.

We do not have to get him his own AOL Account, just assign him one of the Son’s old ones, that will save us money!

 Mary:  Good night.

Me:  My head hurts.  blue-cat