The ermine is an animal of the weasel family prized for its tail of pure white fur with a black tip. According to legend the ermine would rather die than soil its pure white coat and it came to stand for purity. It features in many of Elizabeth’s portraits, where it also functions as a status symbol, as wearing ermine was restricted to royalty and high nobility.”   

Royal Museums of Greenwich 


Mary:  So you can see me now, my dear

 Me:  Yes Mary but I wasn’t aware that I called.

 Mary:  Your need is your call. ~~~~~~ Me:  What do I need?

 Mary:  Wisdom but we’ll save that for later unless you don’t want to hear more of my tale?

 Me:  Oh no I want the tale.


Stoat Mary

Stoat Mary


Well as I said the stone I protect is the Betrayer’s heart and I believe that while I protect it; I live.

The man from Keriot, following his master’s divination and pronouncement, did betray his master by a kiss to the agents of the Assembly of 71.  That part is true of the history because I was actually there and saw it.

 Judas had collected the silver but more as a sign to the Great Sanhedrin he was motivated by avarice, not political ambition.

 He had expected his master to rebel and overthrow the Assembly and establish a new even greater Sanhedrin with the Nazarene as the nasi and himself as the av bet din but after the Nazarene’s apparent acceptance of his condemnation and sentence; Judas tried to maneuver himself into a different position of power; as a sage with the current Assembly.  He failed to achieve both his goals which were power and fame not money.  He never achieved power but did become The Great Betrayer and after all the entire story needs a betrayal to work.

 After his master did not rise up and rebel against the judges, he then wished to become a member of the Great Sanhedrin and believed returning the money would show he had acted in the interest of the Assembly not from avarice or political manipulation.

 Unlike Ahithophel, he did not hang himself in that Field of Blood.  He was strung up by his feet from a tree in that field and left to die.  That is an act that cannot be accomplished by one man alone; an act of murder not self-destruction.


 I do not know the assinines of The Thief however I believe the killers were agents of the Sanhedrin.  Either acting for individual sages or possibly carrying out the covert judgment of the entire assembly but in any case I am sure the reason for his demise was political motivated and not personal despair.

 When I discover the body of Judas, I was out looking for kill.  The body had been hanging for some time and I would not have recognized it except for his clock.  It was putrid but we stouts often cache our kills and decomposition is not issue for me………..Ermine1

As I approached and climbed the body for my own dance of death; the rope broke, the body fell, and the man exploded.  I fell on top of the body and furiously looked about for the heart, my favorite organ meat but when I found the victus it had turned to stone.

I’m not sure why I took the stone but I did and that is a story for another night.

Me:  Well that is story enough indeed but you said I had a need?

 Mary:  Yes, get the old man some corn pads

He will never stop wearing his cowboy boots.  Remember he identifies himself as a Westerner now and he loves those boots.

 Me:  ~ O’ I see. ~

A good idea, I hope I remember

Mary:  You will my Indigo Child

                         The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith

The Art of Jasmine Becket-Griffith