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I’ve never been one for modicum
I’m always the one for excess
I don’t mind being cheesy
Or a little bit sleazy
Stringent I’m not and yes I can be bought,…
Though it’ll cost you a lot
Don’t ask me to be what I’m not

I’m extravagant yes
But Never the Less
I just refuse to practice restraint

My life can be horrid and I’m far too forward
But don’t ask me to be what I ain’t



Me: Mary Mary where are you?

She: Right here of course!

Me: Mary Stoat, what should i do?

(whispering words of wisdom)

She said: LET IT BE!

Me:  I’m so tired and I’m so scared and I’m so angry and I have so failed,  I can’t think any more so because I’m weak, please tell me a tale, so I can sleep.

She:  You can still think and you can still sleep; you haven’t failed, you’ve are not weak nor have you lost your place, i think, it is just your wishes did not prevail, so stop your squawking you silly frail.There are others in this dream for which you owe at least a think and what seems right to you might not be what it seems.  Of course this is just silly dream.

She:  This is not the time for telling my Tale, but I have the wisdom to provide for your tale…. TAKE THE OLD MAN HOME. and let it be……. oldcat




I dreamed of Peace and Pleasure

I dreamed of Beer & Gin

 I met some friends I never knew and others I’ll not see again

I laughed until I could not laugh and danced with most the men

I kissed and hugged and smooched a lot

with Friends I love and Love a Lot

and expect this joy can really not

repeat its self again


The soft white lights and blue delights

The candles burning in the night

The fountain running thru the night

The Rat Pack singing Pure Delight


I had my Sapphire Party

The Party I needed to give

 So keep those Peace Signs close to you

Who Knows how Long we’ll Live