Me: Mary Mary where are you?

She: Right here of course!

Me: Mary Stoat, what should i do?

(whispering words of wisdom)

She said: LET IT BE!

Me:  I’m so tired and I’m so scared and I’m so angry and I have so failed,  I can’t think any more so because I’m weak, please tell me a tale, so I can sleep.

She:  You can still think and you can still sleep; you haven’t failed, you’ve are not weak nor have you lost your place, i think, it is just your wishes did not prevail, so stop your squawking you silly frail.There are others in this dream for which you owe at least a think and what seems right to you might not be what it seems.  Of course this is just silly dream.

She:  This is not the time for telling my Tale, but I have the wisdom to provide for your tale…. TAKE THE OLD MAN HOME. and let it be……. oldcat