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Automobile Racing is NOT for the faint of heart! dru


After listening to many of my respected colleagues call for canopies on open-wheel race cars like those competing in Formula 1 and INDYCAR, I’m going to be the voice of dissent.

Canopies in NHRA Mello Yello drag racing are somewhat rare at this point. Don Schumacher Racing’s (DSR) Top Fuel teams initiated them a few years ago in 2012; initially only this team used the canopies and there was massive push-back against NHRA making them mandatory – they’re not. Now, DSR uses the canopies, as does Brittany Force, who’s stated she really doesn’t want to race without the covering, as does Leah Pritchett; the Greek, Chris Karamesines 83, also uses this safety device but no other Top Fuel car in NHRA drag racing is equipped with it – now.

Remember, though, that the canopy is only sealed before the car comes to the water box for its burnout, performs the…

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Song to go to sleep by!

I’m the mint on your pillow….I’m whiskey in your tea,

but nothing can make me feel mellow….he was almost a brother to me!

                 He was such a nice fellow….always charming to me.

He’d always light ever place that he lit but there are demons

that most cannot see.

I’d wouldn’t be lying if I said I was crying but this is not about me….




In Saner Thought

For Christ sake…..the overpaid jock has had his day in court and he has a big grin….please move the f*ck on!

Since day one of the Obama presidency…there has been this batcrap crazy bunch that keep go on and on about Sharia Law in the US…..for you see Obama is a secret Muslim and you know what that means…..they have even taken it to the legislative branches of states and the federal government…….so re truly concerned about the possibility that Sharia Law could gain foothold in the US…..and these people are damn sure NOT going to let that happen!

First, these people are morons!

Second they have nothing to worry about…it is already here and in place and championed by many!

Say what?  Let’s look at Sharia Law shall we?

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The only difference is one hugs the Qu’ran the other the Bible……..

It would be lovely if once these people…

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