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My Father’s Favorite Poem

Little Orphant Annie

James Whitcomb Riley
Little Orphan Annie’s come to my house to stay.
To wash the cups and saucers up and brush the crumbs away.
To shoo the chickens from the porch and dust the hearth and sweep,
and make the fire and bake the bread to earn her board and keep.
While all us other children, when the supper things is done,
we sit around the kitchen fire and has the mostest fun,
a listening to the witch tales that Annie tells about
and the goblins will get ya if ya don’t watch out!
Once there was a little boy who wouldn’t say his prayers,
and when he went to bed at night away up stairs,
his mammy heard him holler and his daddy heard him bawl,
and when they turned the covers down, he wasn’t there at all!
They searched him in the attic room and cubby hole and press
and even up the chimney flu and every wheres, I guess,
but all they ever found of him was just his pants and round-abouts

and the goblins will get ya if ya don’t watch out!!


It’s early yet but as I’ve said….i do feel the Bern!

Once Upon a Paradigm

(Sung to the tune of “Don’t Rain on My Parade”)

Don’t tell me
who to vote for
Sit and mutter
Bernie’s one candidate
and Hill’s another
Don’t bring about an end
to Bernie’s great campaign!

Don’t try to change
my mind
While I discover
Just how much
Bernie Sanders has to offer
Don’t bring about an end
to Bernie’s great campaign!

I’ll make my mind up
and I’ll vote Dem
But when the time’s up
and not ’til then, folks
Let me like my choice and
Then folks
Then I’ll make the right vote

I simply wanna Bern so simply let me
And after that then Hillary can get me
Nobody, no nobody…
Is gonna rain on my Bernade!!!!!!

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U say it's your Birthday

  1. I Cry

    I Cry

The Constant Lover   DIARY-A

Out upon it, I have lov’d
Three whole days together;
And am like to love three more,
If it prove fair weather.

Time shall molt away his wings
Ere he shall discover
In such whole wide world again
Such a constant lover.

But the spite on’t is, no praise
Is due at all to me:
Love with me had made no stays
Had it any been but she.

Had it any been but she
And that very face,
There had been at least ere this
A dozen dozen in her place


Sir John Suckling was an English, Cavalier poet.  His mother died when he was just a toddler. His father was the Comptroller of James the First’s household. Suckling matriculated at Trinity College in 1623 but left in 1629 before he got his degree. He studied law at Grey’s Inn but after his father’s death, he also abandoned that pursuit.  He was just a young man when in inherited a large estate from his father.  At age 18, he was pursuing a military and an ambassadorial career and was knighted for those efforts.

“He returned to the English court in 1632 where through his wealth and charm he was known as an ‘elegant and popular gallant and gamester, credited with having invented the game of cribbage.’ (MacLean 252)”

Crofts writes:
“Suckling’s verse, of course, smacks of the court: it is witty, decorous, sometimes naughty; all requisites for the courtier poet. But these qualities alone would not have sufficed to “perpetuate his memory.” It should be remembered that the court swarmed with now-forgotten versifiers. Suckling has his own voice, a deft conversational ease mixed at times with a certain hauteur or swagger, which qualities were not incompatible with his high birth and military occupation…. Though his oeuvre is comparatively small, Suckling is an exemplary lyric poet, as well as one of the most vivid personalities of his age.” (Crofts 51) 

He was intimate with Ben Jonson,Thomas CarewRichard LovelaceThomas Nabbes, John Hales and Sir William Davenant.

“Suckling had only a small stock of words, phrases, and images, which he used repeatedly” (Beaurline). Although his critical reception is not as great as expected, he remains an important piece in British literary history. Suckling’s place “in some Parnassian hierarchy of seventeenth-century poets…is among the first poets of the second rank” (Squier 156). 

So, not unlike myself, he was known for some Wit, some Charm, some Talent .  He liked Farts, Love, Intrigue, Gambling, Writing, and had a penchant for Lost Causes.

Purportedly in despair, shamed, exiled and facing poverty, he died at his own hand by taking poison.

Something I’ve yet to achieve.

He has always been fascinating to me.  Libertine1 


I too am not hopeful BUT I TOO FEEL THE BERN! dru

In Saner Thought

For some time now the media has been asking that very same question…..they cannot grasp the reason why someone who fights special interests and refuses PAC money could possibly be getting the crowds he, Bernie, is getting.

The MSM answer to this phenom is that he is the anti-Clinton candidate or that he was just in the right place at the right time for all the anger the voter is having over our political process……there is a wealth of other possible reason for his popularity.  All I can say is that if the journalists had been reading IST this whole time I have answered that exact question with a poll that they were too good to pay attention to when it came out……

What poll would that be?

I did a short post back in 2009 that answers their question…….

Source: Many Americans Prefer Socialism | In Saner Thought


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Not just because so many men are so very appreciative of women’s boobies but Breast Cancer is


Just for Women

Male breast cancer is a rare cancer that forms in the breast tissue of men. Though breast cancer is most commonly thought of as a woman’s disease, male breast cancer does occur.

Male breast cancer is most common in older men, though it can occur at any age.

Men diagnosed with male breast cancer at an early stage have a good chance for a cure. Still, many men delay seeing their doctors if they notice one of the usual signs or symptoms, such as a breast lump. For this reason, many male breast cancers are diagnosed when the disease is more advanced.  RecliningMaleNude


JillianTiT'nLETS CLICK FOR OUR DAUGHTERS TODAY CLICK FOR OUR GRAND DAUGHTERS TOO.       (see link above)Lets Click for our Nieces, our Aunts, and our God Daughters plus…All of our Girl Friends…lets do!MotherCat

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Still haven’t ditched a single dwarf!



I may have moved on to the next Fairy Tale

but I’ve yet to ditch these

*%*&^$  Dwarves!

So lets all click on the link below and give a mamogram for

“auntie (sister) dru”


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Just Click on the Link below and then on the link to donate a free mammogram to mom’s in need!


Don't make me

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basicblack4For the “poem” go to the bottom of the post.

If you are not a member of WordPress but still look at my blog, then please be advised that unless I pay this site more money they will “post” ads along with my own content for anyone who is not a member of WordPress.  I don’t have money to stop this but I’d like to because I don’t in anyway endorse these ads and I have no idea of their content unless I go to my site from another computer and see what is there.  The ads change often and are there because some other entity has paid WordPress to publish them and  I won’t pay them to stop.

This is an unfortunate feature of my blog.  It exists and I’ve explained it to others in my life; one of which didn’t get it. 

To that other person, if I…

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