Well…this is not exactly a positive post BUT it is a VERY positive opinion! One with I unfortunately agree with. dru

In Saner Thought

Clinton did it!  She is back in the win column……to the great relief of the media.  And now we can hear her pander to the lowest denominator….she will feel your pain……she knows your needs…..she will move the country forward….(ahh-choo!  Sorry I am allergic to bullsh*t)

(Her voice is worse than finger nails on a chalk board and as irritating as the “Puppymonkeybaby” advert)

I have been saying for months now that she is a neocon….matters not that she is a Dem……her actions and policies are those of a staunch neocon.  I regret that I feel I must keep saying this….but U will continue until the voter realize the surprise package they will get with her as president.

Clinton made it clear, at least to me, in the last debate before the NY primary that she has NO other policies than those of the neocons….war, war, war……(and yes I will continue…

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