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Although I did previously quote a 1998 supposed interview with Trump earlier on my blog, I have since consulted SNOPES and they state there is no evidence that he actually said that about Republicans in any interview….so for that I apologize. However, I am reblogging (is that an actual word) my prior blog regarding my assessment of “THE DONALD” with another media article that supports my opinion. Please Read….dru  AND my apologizes for the  prior interview blog.   Just point and click and if that doesn’t work copy and paste…you know the drill.



HenryViiiSyphilis is a venereal (sexually transmitted) disease. It has a few stages and involves unpleasant phenomena such as lesions and skin eruptions. Syphilis can go dormant (latent) for years or even decades before it affects the brain in a condition known as general paresis. Brain tissue is gradually destroyed by the tiny organisms that cause syphilis, the spirochetes. This progressive devastation causes mania, dementia, megalomania (delusions of grandeur), and paranoia.

Even when its existence is suspected, syphilis is difficult to diagnose. Most mental health clinicians are unlikely to try to rule it out. Syphilis in its tertiary (brain consuming) phase produces symptoms that are easily misdiagnosed as Bipolar Disorder combined with the Narcissistic and the Paranoid Personality Disorders.

Syphilitic patients in the tertiary stage are often described as brutal, suspicious, delusional, moody, irritable, raging, lacking empathy, grandiose, and demanding. They are indecisive and absorbed in irrelevant detail one moment…

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“When will we ever learn, when will we ever learn?” …..dru

In Saner Thought

If you arte expecting some long winded diatribe about the evils of Islam then you will be sadly disappointed and maybe should move on…..

There are some in the US that cannot get past the fact that someone is a Muslim… these short-sighted people there is only one Muslim and they are the people in ISIS and AQ…..none of the others matter…..that is to some.

Nothing is further from the truth….but of course I will be hard pressed to find many people on the street that has any idea what I am speaking about……When I see the lies spread I have tried to show that their belief is just wrong…..but as usual those posts degenerated into….warning about those darn “terrorists” coming down Main Street chopping off heads……I guess that is easier than admitting you are WRONG!

Deconstructing the mythic “good versus bad” Muslim paradigm.

After winning four pivotal presidential primaries…

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Keep the FAITH, all you Flame Eaters!!!!! dru

The Writing of John Laurits

fixed PSA

Greetings, my friends! 

This is a quick (but important) Public Service Announcement about all of the recent articles (like this & this) claiming that Clinton leads in California — pay no attention to them! They are all based off of the same survey from an organization called “SurveyUSA.” I’m not going to mince my words — this survey is completely bogus and I will show you why. 

Why the New Survey is a Crappy Survey

Okay, first off: what does the survey say?

SurveyUSA claims that, among 802 people who they believe are “likely to vote in the democratic primary,” 57% say that they will vote for Hillary clinton, compared to only 39% who say they will vote for Bernie Sanders — but wait! Before we all start despairing over this seemingly-insurmountable 18-point lead in the all-important California primary, let’s take a closer look at this so-called survey…


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In Saner Thought

I have written about the media debacle of the Nevada delegates meeting…..the media took a lie and ran with it…the DNC is pulling out all stops to try and neutralize Sanders and his supporters.  Even to the point of putting a majority on the fringe because they do not support the “chosen one”,  Clinton…….

This whole process that the DNC has set up will not make their candidate more attractive…..demonizing a candidate is not the way to unity.

But what can I say…..I expected nothing less from the corrupt system that we have……it is no longer what is best for the country…..rather what is best for the wealthy few….even when it comes to the party of the people….the Democrats.

There is a lot more going on here than people upset with not winning more delegates. The Democratic Party establishment, especially the party leadership at state levels, has witnessed supporters pass…

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My brother Toad or known to some of you as PseudoCyAnts played drums in a Funk Band off the Strip in Vegas for several years and way…way…way…back when…his band dedicated the following song to me so I’d get up and DANCE like no was watching.  Which of course I did.





The New Zealand-born trio of Kevin Keepa, Danny Faifai and Nuz Ngatai, who wow with their larrikin mi charm on stage, as well as their stunning vocal stylings.

I’M A FAN!!!

“Larrikin is an Australian English term meaning ‘a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person'” from  Wikipedia  KoiBoys

49th!!! WoW…..dru

In Saner Thought

I am always going on about the worthlessness of the MSM….and this screen grab sez it all…..

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Write-in The Bern! dru

In Saner Thought

By now my readers know that I will NOT be voting for Hillary and her entourage in November…there are many reason why I dislike her…..she is a candidate of the 1% and she is a bigger neocon than GW ever was…..all we have to look forward to if she is elected is more of the same crap we have today…..if she is a progressive then I am a Mexican gardener……

But since I believe the foreign policy will be the most important issue in the next few years…..yes the economy needs repair but we are chasing too many wars for too few good reasons…..and Hillary and her neocon buddies will rule the day….

In this crazy year — actually a non-stop circus for 18 months — the press has engaged in an orgy of vitriol and bloodletting against the presumptive Republican nominee for the presidency with a hysteria I have…

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I’m old but if I can’t vote for Bernie, I’m writing him in. dru


Since before the Nevada Convention debacle, many so-called progressive news outlets were hinting broadly that it was time for Bernie Sanders to get out of the race. Others pointed out that Sanders is still winning primaries, and that Clinton herself did not abandon her campaign against Obama until several days after the last primary.

Then things got ugly in Nevada. Convention chair Roberta Rules-of-Disorder began receiving death threats online from people claiming to be Sanders followers. All the establishment media  – which now includes most of the so-called new media –  conveniently forgot that Hillary Clinton had hired professional social media “consultants”, and that Trump’s supporters were on the internet, too, and rushed to condemn Sanders and his supporters.

In the aftermath of Nevada, the media are piling on Sanders and his supporters to forget about their movement, call it a day and get in line to vote for the neoliberal Hillary Clinton so she can…

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