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Can’t help myself…I keep coming back to this post by a friend; over and over again. I’m fascinated and appalled at the same time!

Way to Go, Thumb. ~~dru~~

The prefix Cata…..means down or against or back.  It originally occurred in the Greek and is the unspoken part of

these 4-CATZ’ namez


Astorphe, Alyst, Aclysmic,

& Alepsy


  • ASTORPHE as in Catastrophe:

    Cat-Astrophe  =  CatCouch1

sudden and widespread disaster or any misfortune, mishap, failure;  fiasco


ALYST as in Catalyst:  

Something that causes activity between two or more persons or forces without itself being affected 


ACLYSMIC as in Catalysmic:


A violent upheaval that causes great destruction or brings about a fundamental change


ALEPSY as in Catalepsy:

A nervous condition characterized by muscular rigidity and fixity of posture regardless of external stimuli


Now what names can you come up with?



  As I’ve posted before a very big pet peeve of mine is genetically modified organisms.

Not that organisms can’t…and have been…and will be modified; rather that these modifications are not noted on the labels of the foods we eat.

 I’m not saying I won’t eat it….I’m just saying I want to know what I’m eating.


So in furtherance of this cause, I’m posting an email I got today from F.O.E. (Friends of the EARTH) and I’m asking that you consider their request.  I’m going to call.      ~~dru~~

Dear Dru,

Dial 1-877-796-1949 to tell your Senators to say NO to the DARK Act!

Senators Roberts and Stabenow are trying to get a huge giveaway to Monsanto through the Senate. They just released a “compromise” bill on GMO labeling — but it’s not really a compromise. It would allow food companies to hide their information on GMOs behind QR codes and toll-free phone numbers instead of putting clear labels on packages.

In other words, unless you want to check a website or call a phone number for every single product you buy, you’d have no way of knowing if your food contains GMOs! This bill is a complete sham and we need your help to stop it! 

Call your Senators NOW and tell them to OPPOSE the DARK Act! Dial 1-877-796-1949 to reach your Senators.

This bill goes further than just undermining GMO labeling. It also defines genetic engineering so narrowly that it could exclude labeling for most of the GMOs currently on the market and those engineered with new techniques such as “gene editing.” It would take at least 2 years to take effect. And there would be no penalty for companies breaking the rules. 

Call 1-877-796-1949 today and tell your Senators to reject this terrible bill!  

Hiding information behind QR codes and phone numbers is discriminatory. Lower-income, rural and elderly Americans who have less access to technology would have an even harder time indentifying what’s in their food. 

And this is all happening at a time when we’re so close to getting REAL GMO labeling in Vermont. The nation’s first GMO labeling law takes effect on July 1st. If the DARK Act passes, it would block Vermont’s law from going into effect. But if we can stop it, we can build momentum for similar laws all across the country.

Already, big companies like Campbell’s, General Mills, Mars and Kellogg’s have all declared they will label GMOs to comply with the Vermont law. They know their customers want clear, on-package GMO labels. 

Don’t let the junk food and chemical companies destroy GMO labeling! Call your Senator at 1-877-796-1949 and tell them to OPPOSE this sham of a bill. 

Standing with you,
Lisa Archer,
Food and Technology Program Director,
Friends of the Earth

The Earth Needs a Good Friend

We’ve been defending the Earth and fighting for a healthy and just world for more than 45 years.  Become a friend of the earth and join the movement to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.



In the mid 1930’s my grandparents sent away for floor plans for a cottage type house, from an ad in the back of a magazine.  They started building their home on a plot of land that was situated on a very steep hill.  In 1936, their home was finished.

The home has housed 4 generations of my family over the years.  My Grandparents, my Aunt and Mother, Sister & Myself (when we were in high school), both my Aunt and my Mother again (at different times) but my Aunt’s also had her only child with her and my Mother’s had youngest child with her the 2nd time.  My other sister (right out of college) and then, finally myself again.

I bought the home from my family, after my mother died.  Buying the remaining 90 percent of this home when my mother died was probably the worst thing I’ve ever done.

(I inherited 10%; my aunt 50%, and my 4 other siblings 10% each)

Well in terms of finances and stress…..BUT even knowing what I know now; I would still buy it….well me and the bank!  I’ve loved this home from the first time I can remember it.

So at the request of Thumb; here are some more pictures of my kitchen, including a picture of my fridge – “Refrigerator Perry” and my stove – “Perry Ellis”.    ~~dru~~




                     Musing on Catz        DIARY4

In Roman mythology, Lares and Penates were groups of deities who protected the family and the Roman state. Although different, the Lares and Penates were often worshiped together at household shrines.

Considered spirits of the dead, Lares guarded homes, crossroads, and the city. Every Roman family had its own guardian, known as the Lar familiaris, to protect the household and ensure that the family line did not die out. Each morning Romans prayed and made offerings to an image of the Lar familiariskept in a family shrine. Deities known as Lares compitales, who guarded crossroads and neighborhoods, were honored four times a year in a festival called the Compitalia. Another group of deities, the Lares praestites, served as the guardians of the city of Rome.

The Penates, originally honored as gods of the pantry, eventually became guardians of the entire household. They were associated with Vesta, the goddess of the hearth. The main function of the Penates was to ensure the family’s welfare and prosperity. The public Penates, or Penates publici, served as guardians of the state and the object of Roman patriotism. According to legend, they were once the household gods of Aeneas*, the mythical ancestor of the Roman people.

From Myths Encyclopedia 

My household deities are Catz…..


They guard my thresholds, well…at times; more like they lay on my thresholds but instead  of attributing to each an urge to trip me ~ I have decided to consider them guarding my home.

They ensure my welfare, well…at times; but instead of interpreting their climbing all over me as demands for food ~ I have decided to consider their actions as comfort.

They take exceptional interest in my household goods and possessions…most of the time; but instead of assuming they are just looking for places to pee ~ I have decided to consider their behavior as guarding my chattel.

Yes my Catz are my household deities.

I am not implying that I really worship my catz but given the amount we spend on cat food you might think so; nor am I implying that my catz worship me.  They are in love with my can opening abilities but worship…NO WAY.

It is just that like most mysterious things, thoughts, beings, and such

they intrigue me.

CAZYZblkCAT  ~~~ dru ~~~


Need I say More?  ~~dru~~



I’m not leaving the party yet but I cannot vote for president, as it stands now, either. I am supporting many Democrats here in my State but I’ve never voted a straight ticket and after this election….I just don’t know what I’ll do. Thank you for a great piece that expresses my own feelings of despair very well. I am re-blogging this on my blog too. ~~dru~~



As an American citizen, I have some expectation that I have a voice in my government.

This is probably naive, but this belief is a huge part of the foundation on which I build my happiness.

This is not simply an entitlement.

It is a right paid in blood by the warriors who came before me and one I have a duty to pay forward.

Millions gave their lives for democracy.

America invades developing nations in the name of democracy.

Our country was founded on the idea of giving liberty to those who were oppressed by tyrannical governments.

Democracy is the cornerstone of what makes us America and if we are even to begin to make the argument that this is the greatest country in the world, then we must first be willing to fight for the rights of all citizens to have a say in this social contract we are all engaged in.


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Soap   SOAP

“HE” bought Coconut & Papaya Soap?

I really think “HE” is a dope

and then I see “with Vanilla Beans”

I just can’t fathom what it means

so then I ask my spendthrift jerk

Do we wash our hands or eat dessert?


      TEA   tea

Eleven Dollars for a Tin of Tea?

You don’t even drink it and neither will me



Salt  My koo koo Love brought home to me

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals

Himalayan Pink Salt Ground

Kosher Salt Course

Sea Salt Plain

When all I wanted was Morton’s…..Mortons

             …YES ALL I WANTED WAS OLIVE  Weeping5   ~~dru~~

 Oh love you look quite like a tree…

and you’ve stuck me with your twig TarotCard-Tree

but though I gave my love to thee

you didn’t give a fig


     Oh love you look just like a bear…….TarotCard-Bearand your hair is rather furry

but though I let you in my lair

you left in such a hurry

TarotCard-Snake    Oh love I think you are a snake

and your love rather treacherous

for all I give is what you take

I think you  are just lecherous

Oh love I think you are a rock

for you love is why I cry      TarotCard-Fool

but if I sold my soul in hock

you still would say goodbye



KENS-tiffrac Fractal by PseudoCyAnts

Who will keep my treasures

Know them for what they’re worth?

Who will count my measure

Now my mind has lost its mirth?

Who will come and rescue me

Clean up my hearth and home?

Who will stop the endless thoughts

that lead to sense of doom?

Who will keep me safe and warm

and save me from self harm?

Who will just accept me

and see my sense of charm?

Who will still respect me

not argue or run away?

I say my dear I think it’s you

are you sure you’re here to stay?