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Composer Joseíto Fernández

Guantanamera” (Spanish: “from Guantánamo, feminine” indicating a woman from Guantánamo[1]) is perhaps the best known Cuban song and that country’s most noted patriotic song, especially when using a poem by the Cuban poet José Martí for the lyrics. In 1966, a version by American vocal groupThe Sandpipers, based on an arrangement by Pete Seeger, became an international hit. It has been recorded by many other solo artists, notably by Joan Baez, Jimmy Buffett, Celia Cruz, Bobby Darin, Joe Dassin, José Feliciano, Wyclef Jean, Puerto Plata, Trini Lopez, La Lupe, and Tito Puente, and by such groups as Buena Vista Social Club, the Gipsy Kings, and The Weavers.  –Wikipedia


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The Lonely Author



Half awake or half asleep, I smiled. Every exquisite angle of her curvy body aligned with mine, like jigsaw pieces from heaven entwined as one. There appeared to be no wasted space between us as if our sleeping bodies made sure to fill in every unwanted gap. How appropriate. We were never meant to be separated; not even in our sleep.

The sweet scent of her long hair awakened my senses. And again I smiled.

There is nothing better than spooning, well, unless you’re forking.

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Beware…Beware! ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

I do hope everyone had a good and fun infused holiday weekend…..that behind us it is time for me to return to my posting schedule (some will be happy other not so much)….

For a very long time now the US has been this symbol of democracy and happy living…..

We decide it was our place to bring democracy to the Middle East…..we even killed their leader to make it possible for democracy to flourish… was a failed experiment…..

Then there was the hope for democracy in the Middle East thanks to the Arab Spring protests…..that was also a failure…the only country that moved toward democracy was Tunisia, where the Spring began….the rest was a face falling disaster…..

Democracy is being challenged today as never before since the end of the Cold War. Freedom House has recorded ten consecutive years during which democracy and human rights have declined in more countries…

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