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Proverbs 18:14  

(with apologies)

The spirit (s) of a man sustains him in sickness,   

But as for a broken spirit, who can bear it?

Day 1 by dru

dancing-cat-animatedToday is Sunday July 17 in my part of the World and I just noticed I post from a “Friend?” of mine who I call Thumb.  I call her that on paper only (well computer screen actually) cuz that is how she and I communicate, via Word Press and our blogs.  She lives at the Playground and her full name is Thumbup .  She has wicked mad skills which I can’t duplicate so my post won’t be as colorful or imaginative as hers; “For a Good Time Click Below”  smiley-black_cat___free_avatar_by_reiketu

So now that I’ve thanked her I have to figure out who I should nominate to play the “3-Day Quote Challenge with us and for that I am stumped.  Not because others don’t have the skills to play but because I’m not as very close to many others.  Therefore after no thought at all I’m nominating:




According to Thumb, you don’t hafta play if you don’ wanna.

The rules are simple so I’m referring you back to Thumb’s post which describes ’em.

And for my final trick of the day; my next post will be my quotes.  ~~dru~~