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Back in the 1990s, my employer, a now-bankrupt architectural firm, put on an in-house seminar featuring a very animated fellow from the Tom Peters Group. Peters and Robert Waterman, Jr co-authored In Search of Excellence (1982), a hugely popular business book. I had heard more about Tom Peters solo 1987 book, Thriving on Chaos, which I started to read, and still have in my basement.

The message was fairly simple: Know who your clients are, and make them happy … deliriously happy. Provide legendary service. He noted that your clients may be within your own company. Our irascible handyman and blueprint guy asked, “What if you have too many clients?” and everyone laughed. “What a problem to have!” was the reply.

At one point in the seminar he pointed out that our project managers, as our closest connection to our clients, should have been the second most influential group in…

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PURPLE_HEART[1]Bravo. ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

Before I begin the meat of this post I would like to commit on something in the news recently……I saw where Trump at one of his get-togethers held up a Purple Heart and said that some vet handed it to him…..I want to know who this vet was….none of the vets I know would give away their Purple Heart…for any reason!  If it is true….GIVE ME A NAME!

We have been at war footing for 15 years…..troops go die and are wounded or maimed….and NO one seems to give a shit.  Why is that?

Just recently I wrote an article about more troops for Iraq……

Step by step….inch by inch….we are returning to a full compliment of US troops in Iraq…..we are returning combat troops to “assist” the Iraqi army handle the day against ISIS….recently word came down that as many as 750 American troops would be returning to Iraq……and…

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Ferrari in Red

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I drive a Fiat