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My Blogger Recognition Award comes to me from  Art by Rob Goldstein

And I sincerely thank Rob, Matt, etal for his recognition of my puny efforts.  When you visit his site you see what a professional, complex, and fabulous site looks like.  Also when you visit his site you find amazing Art, Articles, Poetry, Photos, and ReBlogs.  It is well worth a visit but it will pull you in and fascinate you, as it has me, and I’ll bet you will follow it too.

The rules of this award are:

  1. Explain how and why you started this blog.

  2. Offer advice to new bloggers.

  3. Nominate other bloggers for the award.


KENatCANDYs-wedding 002   I first thought about starting a blog when I “met” several members of a group my brother was part of at the TPM Cafe. I found that group, after my brother’s death because I was looking for his blog to let his followers know he had died.

I had never read my brother’s blog and didn’t know what venue he used or even the name of it.  He actually had several, including a You Tube channel but I found his main one after a lot of searching.  I didn’t know his blog name or his political blog name but I had a few leads and after a lot or research, I managed to find the his site at the Cafe and also managed to persuade the manager of the Cafe to publish a letter I wrote to his followers and friends on his site.  I guess that was actually a feat but at the time I didn’t know it.  Unfortunately I lost that post when the Cafe became defunct.

His friends were incredibly kind and filled the post I did with comments and remarks; some of them became my friends too and I decided I wanted to have my own blog and stay in communication with them.  This turned out to be impossible.


I found WordPress when some of PseudoCyAnts’ followers started posting here, after the TPM Cafe was shut down and finally after following them for some time; I decided to start a blog of my own here and the month of August marks my 4th year of blogging at WordPress.

I had no real plans for my blog except to post some of my Kitty Ditties but and to try to see if I could be funny on paper; people find me funny and frustrating and maddening and angry in person, and I decided to see if I could write humorously.  I’ve not done much real writing but I have written some and besides saying what i mean 2 say; I’ve used this venue as an outlet for depression, anxiety, frustration, anger, and even opinion as well as humor.  I have only recently expanded my site followings, so that now I have more sites to read than I can keep up with.

Conversely when I used a “meet and greet” blog post to expand my horizons, I also got a much larger following myself.  Now I can hardly keep up with anything and anyone but I find it so fascinating and so addicting that I spend hours at it rather than do the things I need to do.  Oh well I’m semi-retired anyway but I not contributing much to our household monetary situation and I’m not doing anything around the house either, even though I haven’t “gone to work” for almost a year now.  Actually, when not on-line, I’ve usually just been in bed asleep for the whole last year because of laziness and lack of interest.  To follow is one of my dreams from before I took up sleeping as my occupation.

I have advise to people who are just starting; don’t use me as a model and take the tutorials.  I never did and my blog shows it.  Also be careful about copyrighted photos; again something I didn’t do.  I’ve had a few photos taken down but no one has ever complained and I’ve never gotten in trouble.  I try to cite any credit I can find on the pictures I use and maybe someday I’ll start posting some of my own but that is too advanced for me.  I found that if you ask; most bloggers will give you advice and references.  Don’t be afraid to ask, what the hell does “no” matter?

Just don’t steal other’s work, cite the author or credit the artist.  If you learn how to post using html, you blog will be so much more expressive. (my next project, i think)  Don’t get into arguments, say what you mean and then let it go.  Don’t me any ruder than you  have to be.  If you aren’t trying to do it professionally, this is supposed to be fun.  As your site expands, if it gets to be too much; dial it back.  It is ok if you don’t answer everyone, don’t read all the new posts, don’t comment even if you read them..but if you take the time to read you might as well click like.  You don’t have to “like” something you don’t like but unless you feel the need, you don’t have to comment either.

Finally, it is probably better if you don’t post too much information regarding where you actually live, work, and play AND be careful  about the information you post about friends and family.  Think one more time before you post in anger because it just looks stupid when you have to take a piece down.

Thus spake druathrustra!  

I nominate the following bloggers for this award:

Remember you are under no obligation to take part.



BuddhaMy Brother’s Note Book

Several years ago when my brother was diagnosed with bone cancer and when he was first hospitalized, I bought him a lined ringed notebook with a picture of a stone Buddha on the front and Buddhist quotes and poems on many of the pages. 

He used it in the hospital as a guest book for people who stopped by and a register for friends that stopped by while he was out.  They’d write him notes that he could read later.  I also wrote all of his family’s phone numbers and email addresses so he or others could easily make contact with family members that were out of state.

He wrote his own notes in it too and sometimes just scribbles or gibberish and who knows what all, to keep himself occupied, as he was alone most of the time.

I took the book back after he died and I have used it on and off over the last few years; for the last year I have kept my log of glucose levels and blood pressure readings in it.  It helps me to remember him and when I get low about how “hard” my life is I remember how hard the end of his life was and I give myself a lecture.  I’ve also used it for notes and such.  Both he and I just would turn to an empty page and write whatever we wanted to on whatever page the book opened to.  The book is far from full as it was expensive and had at least 200 pages to begin with and I will continue to use it.

Both of us ripped out some pages to give to others or use somewhere else but there are still lots of pages left.  There are few entries that are continuous; there is no order or reason to the entries, and there are entries from my brother and from myself intermixed with the writings, notes, info, and the drawings of others.  The only section that is continuous is the medical log I’ve been keeping but that section consists of only about 13 pages.

So starting in August the month he died, as a enlightening experience in his memory, I’ve decided to read all the poems and quotes in this book.  My brother was a Buddhist which is why I bought this particular book in the first place.

This way I will experience the wisdom of the religion he professed and the masters he studied and also finally review all his notes, scribbles and the notes and messages of his visiting friends and family.

My brother was known to many as either PseudoCyAnts, Hugh Manatee, or Impietease on the Internet and Toad to most of his school friends and I will illustrate some of the poems with the few fractals he created that I managed to recover and perhaps occasionally write something about my memories of him.  All of these will be in a new category entitled CyAnts.  ~~dru~~



–Basho– (1644 – 94) Basho
Bodhi (Sanskrit: बोधि; and Pali) in Buddhism is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word enlightenment, although its literal meaning is closer to “awakening.” The verbal root “budh” means to awaken.
 From Wikipedia