Sad but so true. ~~dru~~

Samiyah J. Hassan

An Aljazeera promo mentions the following ‘There’s nothing good about war except that it has ended.’

Nobody knows when this war will end. There ‘s no denying that Syria has become Everybody’s playground & battlefield, the atrocities committed against the people there leaves us horrified, shocked, ashamed & speechless. There is not a day without a heart wrenching news, image & tragedy.

The multiple forces on the ground each operating from a different sphere & to implement their agenda, seems to be at war with one another, it’s more of ‘ The war of all against one another’, but who’s paying the real costs of such ongoing war is the ordinary Syrian,  who we also as ordinary citizens most & many times leaves you feeling helpless,  & that  you got nothing in your hands to assist them with, but to watch the ongoing & continuing  bloodbath, make prayers or at our best make donations…

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