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This one maybe the Filet of the Day. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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Good Job Man, eat a snikers~but hang on to the ANGER. I have one whole category just for that. ~~dru~~

I’ve started playing the tunes listed so I’m having a VERY Good Day,while preparing for a VERY Weird Night. Thanx for posting Sepultura and I”m passing this one on. ~~dru~~

If you do not vote for principles then YOUR vote is the wasted vote….NOT MINE!

In Saner Thought

In a little over 50 days we will have a new president and then the finger pointing will begin…..all searching for excuses for their candidates loss.

May I see a show of hands… many think that GW Bush won in 2000 because Nader sucked votes away from Gore?

If you voted yes then you have voted for the common excuse that the Dems use to explain the defeat of Gore.  The diatribe is that Nader sucked off votes from people that would have probably voted for Gore had he not been opposed by Nader……

I think that is a cowardly statement…..Gore lost because he was a horrible candidate that progressive Dems did not like and did not vote for him.  It is just that simple….a terrible candidate.

Fast forward to this year’s election…..Clinton began the Summer leading Trump by double digits in many regions and slowly but slowly that lead…

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