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Right or Wrong can only be determined by the individual voter as YOUR vote is YOUR vote. THE ONLY WRONG VOTE IS NO VOTE AT ALL! ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

I recall awhile back Mrs. Clinton used one of her many slogans during her primary campaigning….”It Takes A Village”……a cutesy little slogan that did what it was intended to do….generate applause….other than that there is NO rhyme or reason behind her utterances.

Trump is no better….he has more applause lines than a late night host……and he has gotten in a bit of trouble when he basically praised Russia’s Putin…..and the media went batcrap crazy……

Personally, I think anyone that votes for either of these two candidates is a “village idiot”…..

I read an article in the Unz Review….now it has a bit of a Libertarian lean to it but it still made some good points and observations….

If you strapped Bill Clinton to a polygraph (or some lie detector that can’t be fooled by the Clintons)—I suspect he, too, might confess to a preference for Vladimir Putin over Barack Obama.

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