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I am upon a midnight weary and upon a midnight dreary…Good Night Sweet Prince…Tomorrow Brings such Sorrow.

Now for such that can assuage such sorrow and perhaps save a lost Lenore….click here….to fund a free mammogram. 


Why do I laugh?  I laugh so I will not cry.  ~~dru~~

How can you improve on purrfection…well if you’re me you’re going to try. ~~dru~~

bluebird of bitterness

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My RULE!! That is why the name of my blog. It may hurt like hell but it’ll hurt like double hell when I find out you knew the truth and lied to me. AND BE AWARE, I’ll find out. If only someone else dislikes me enough to tell me.

Just Say What U Mean 2 Say!!! ~~dru~~

Blog of a Mad Black Woman


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Either I forgot my meds today or I want to “hear” more about that sneaky snail and its size. ~~dru~~

Notes from the U.K.

Chris White asked what a Cornish mile is, and since I’d never heard of it, I turned to Google and then asked around.

Let’s start with the asking around bit: According to J., it’s one of those flexible distances people use when a car stops and the driver rolls down the window and asks how far it is to Saint Whoosit.

Cornwall has lots of towns named Saint Whoosit, and Saint Whoosit is always a mile from wherever that car stops. At least that’s what J. tells me. Or else the turn to Saint Whoosit is a mile away, right by the bent tree (we have even more of those than we do of St. Whoosits), and St. Whoosit itself is a mile after that.

And ten minutes later, when the car still hasn’t gotten to St. Whoosit, the turn, the tree, or another person to ask? It’s traveled a Cornish mile.

Irrelevant (and out of season) photo: Flower from our back yard. The bee's blurred, but if you look closely you'll see where the snails hide--something I didn't know until I looked at this on the screen. Irrelevant (and out…

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Here is my one sentence story.

My psychiatrist just fired me; either I’m crazier than I know or she is. ~~dru~~

💞 with love, dot i/0. 💞

– compose it! –

some girl named Juliet gave me a choco/vanil cookie I could never forget 😉

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I love Anne’s picture of the #98 IndyCar a speed. Great pic Anne! ~~dru~~


winners-circle In the winner’s circle at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with his team, Alexander Rossi is joined by Matt Jaskol, to the left of Michael Andretti and wearing white sunglasses.

When he won the 100th Indianapolis 500 on May 29, Verizon IndyCar Series rookie driver Alexander Rossi thanked, among others, Matt Jaskol for getting him to this point.

As Rossi turned 10 years old, his father Pieter enrolled him in a karting class to help advance his son’s newly realized love of motorsport. One of the teachers at his school was Jaskol, who realized this student had real talent. Jaskol took the young Rossi under his wing, coached him for a year in karts before Rossi began his move up the racing ladder, going into single-seaters in the United States (Skip Barber, Formula BMW) and then taking off for Europe in 2009 and further training – that eventually landed the American in…

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