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I equate the fact that I made this for dinner last night and tonight “HE” has stated he’ll take me out for Mexican.  

Wasn’t really all that bad; sausage, fried potatoes, home-made-sauerkraut (all left overs) and all mixed together with some beaten eggs, pub mustard, and onions, then baked and finally covered with cheese.  

Fresh parboiled broccoli on the side…salted to taste

Wasn’t so good either but we used up the left overs and tonight someone is going to serve me.



The venture of the “Ceramique de Beauce” Inc., also known as Beauceware (trademark), became an important part of the great industrial adventure of Beauce County, in Quebec country. Established in the first half of the (last) century in 1939, and operating until 1989, the company diffused an innovative image by establishing the production of an industrialized utilitarian art: pottery.
The ceramic products of Beauce transgressed the local market place and quickly reached the Canadian, American and European markets. The Ceramics of Beauce Inc remains a striking example of the resounding evolution of the Beauce “entrepreneurship” venture.


My pair of Beauceware Art Deco wall pockets have the back mark




and one such as mine can be seen in my last photo, (on my ebay listing) very dark in the bottom right hand corner, which comes from the Beauceware web site

I’m not sure when they were produced because although the design is Art Deco, I purchased each separately about 12 years ago to be a matched set.  I first had them on an outside wall but have had them hanging in my dining room for the last 10 years or so

They both appeared to have been previously used for plants and both need a very good cleaning but I’ll leave that up to the buyer

I bought each for around $35 excluding shipping but since prices on wall pockets have gone down, I’m selling the pair for $35 plus $12 shipping

They are beautiful & both appear to be exact matches in a deep forest green which does not photograph or scan well

I have an Elephant too but it is too mucked up from being outside to sell and I’ve got to keep some of my stuff


I love them both and they will be a loss to my collection of wall pockets but I’m behind on the mortgage….so needs must

Shipping and handling is $12.00 and no refunds are accepted

Thank you for looking at my auction


I’m getting so fed up with being even close to nice…..HEAR me Family & Friends. Schedule appointments with me and KEEP ’em, i am perfectly capable of faking and screwing up myself, don’t need your examples and instructions.

Can’t get a hold of me cuz the catz knocked the plug to the land line out of the wall?  You called once and only once in one hour on a day I already told you I was business….hell there are hours left to go in the day. ….DON’T CALL MY PARTNER AND TAKE HIM OFF THE JOB TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON…maybe for a emergency but….NOT just so you can tell me you screwed up and tomorrow is not the day you wanted me to come over and lose my own day while helping you. GET it RIGHT write it down and look at your calendar or leave me alone. I cancelled personal appointments for this commitment and I can’t in good faith go back and ask for a redo from them.


The history of the fine porcelain now known as “Limoges” begins with kaolin, the pure, soft white clay first discovered in China. This clay retains its pure white color when fired. Before they discovered the pure white clay, the Chinese used sandstone/stoneware. Marco Polo was one of the first Europeans to see porcelain; he named it after very white and translucent shell. Vasco de Gama brought back the first porcelain objects to Europe in the fifteenth century

When a collector really loves the art and artifacts of the twentieth century, and focuses on a certain category of collectible or a time period within which to concentrate, quite often it is the Art Deco period which excites him the most. For those of you who agree, let me assure you that you are not alone! There is wonderful furniture, great art, magnificent architecture, and stellar fashions and jewelry from that period. 
Derived from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes which was held in Paris, Art Deco celebrated living in the modern world. Today, “Art Deco” is used to refer to a mix of styles from the 1920s and 1930s. The Art Deco style infused the everyday world with an elegant style of cool sophistication. 


The Box I have on sale on eBay is a product of the Art Deco Period produce and hand painted by the Michelaud  Porcelain Factory, it is a Hand Decorated piece of Limoges Porcelain from that Factory in France.  It measures approximately 6 1/2 inches long, about 5 inches wide and is just over 3 inches tall at the tallest point of the box lid.  It is a fabulous trinket box and I hate to let it go but needs must.

It was probably designed to be a cigarette box and  my SCHIMMELPINNENCK cheroots fit in it perfectly

It has several flaws on the hand painted exterior and it appears that the factory hand painted design was never finished as I would have expected some gold leaf outline of the design

Still it is an wonderful piece and was appraised at $100 (flaws & all) or actually just a little over and that was more than two years ago by an on-line appraiser.

Michelaud can be researched further at this following site:

Shipping will be $25 and there are not returns accepted

Thank you for looking at my auction


Whattttt…flowers don’t rotate but they bend in the wind. I watched, I say this silliness of this all, and I responded….what this mean silly one? Catz gone bad? Catz just doing what Catz do….silly one. Purr, meow (read feed me) growl (read or I’ll eat youz)
CATZ gone bad…my paw how about peoplez trying to make silly?

Catz and their ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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Paying bills today….or at least trying to and this JUST HIT THE SPOT! Thanx Persia! ~~dru~~

Blog of a Mad Black Woman

I used to care what people thought about me, until one day I tried to pay my bills with their opinions.

~ Kim Scott

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Prompt:  Gold & SingChristmasBells.jpg

Sing the Holidays’

Songs of Joy, the Songs Sung With

Holiday’s Gold Sounds




Heather never sleeps

she just forgets her duty

’til Summer returns heather-flower-1.jpg

I love this….spiritual and all. ENJOY and all and thank you BB. ~~dru~~

Implied Spaces



Post your message now, before you sail.

We are all refugees here.

Set sail, set sail.


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