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I just really like this one. ~~dru~~

Hope you’re feeling a little better.

Sheldon Kleeman


Not wanting to fully accept

The physical of my world

I too much rather live

In an alternative universe

Given what my physical

Is doing. Denial is not

Exactly the cast though

Since I am going to see

The Dr, I rather think

that the physical I

Am experiencing

Is a distant cousin

That I don’t get too

see much and can live without


What one


One is

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I’ve yet to really learn to count my blessings but I can still try…..Take care mon ami. ~~dru~~

💞 with love, dot i/0. 💞

Another lunar cycle complete, the cycle continues.

In the North, the time of harvest as winter slowly approaches.  For the polar opposite, the days grow longer.  (And I guess it doesn’t really matter in between…)

Been reminiscing about the years since the turn of the millenium.  Especially 2007, taking an introductory philsophy class and recovering from a crippling depression the year before due to… loneliness.  Feeling like I couldn’t relate to anyone, not having a clear path to follow on so many levels.

What gave me pleasure?  Was pleasure all there was to existence?

That year, I learned that material excess does not translate into a ‘happy’ life.  One lesson of many.  I did not fully understand though how to maintain one’s constitution though in order to last for many years, and that such measures extended beyond mere victuals.  Peace of mind.

Much of this encompasses the courage to be…

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This Art SPEAKS to me….just wish I knew what it was saying. ~~dru~~

Implied Spaces





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This damn campaign race
has brought out the creep in all.
You thought Hallows Eve



I hate secrecy AND debt collectors; therefore don’t call me if you won’t leave a name and a message. ~~dru~~


By Kitt O’Malley

EDITOR’S NOTE: I think we all hate Facebook messenger at this point.

Email and direct messages, especially Facebook direct messages, intrude. I do not feel safe in the secretive world of chat. I need witnesses – others protecting my back. I prefer communication public – on my Facebook timeline or as comments to my blog posts.

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i have posted this reason on every political web site i once subscribed to; except Stein’s, and “JUST LABEL it,and Help the bees and Climate misery and Sorry to Also Say; Help all animals with a petition….yah right!

BUT.. . Better the lone cry in the cold wind than the life of continuing on the in the vein that you’re bleeding to death from. ~~dru~~
ps, I have a murder of crows circling my home…do you think it means anything. Dead cat perhaps? Oh no I hear thunder and when i hear thunder i think the gods speak. Wish I knew their language but sigh, i hardly know my own.
“Too Old * Too Tired * and don’t give a shit no longer. I’ve given you ever cent i could spare….send me $25 and I’ll reconsider. “

In Saner Thought

I have been bitching about the two candidates that we here in this country have to choose from for our next president……that is only true in the minds of the two worthless candidates….we Americans have other choices…..all we have to do is look for them.

Me?  I look at the issues and so far the issues are non-existent in the two major parties……instead of substance we have a silly reality show of insults and lies……….

For me the Green party offers the only alternative to a noxious buffoon on the one hand, and a representative of the corporate and military status quo on the other.

Donald Trump’s self-inflicted wounds and propensity for public meltdowns had pushed the public-opinion needle toward Hillary Clinton, according to recent polls. That may have changed a little in the aftermath of the FBI’s renewing of its email probe last week. But even so, the fears…

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