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Prompt: Power & Race


The Victor gets the…..

Win, Spoils, Race, and History;


Oh and the POWER!




Probably where my, memory, abolition, my apparent….at that time…intelligence went.

To my waist along with my boobies!  

~~dru~~ once know as a goddess.

I got to put this albums back into storage



We need more people that are willing to vote their conscience and not for some celeb with a big mouth or some war mongering witch……

In Saner Thought

Tomorrow you will go and cast your vote, if you have not already, and most will do it for either Trump or Clinton…..very few of us will brave the backlash and vote a third party…..what the Hell…I never was a herd animal…….

I do not buy the standard cop out that my vote will be a vote for the “other” guy and will assure this candidate or that the win.

A math lesson for critics of third-party voters

This is a post by a Libertarian leaning site but the points may work for any third party vote…..

My correspondent fired back: “Opportunity cost is Trump gets elected.”

I stand by my recklessness.

Here’s where the curious nature of the American Electoral College comes in handy. Even where my vote—or the votes of my 100 closest, most easily influenced “inner circle”—might swing an election, there is simply no real chance that…

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People need relationships to survive. Having an agreed upon way to interact, allows things to run smoothly in these relationships. When we interact with each other in kind, thoughtful, respectful, considerate ways, everyone gets along and then they can focus on a bigger problem or issue

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Good Character is like a suspension bridge. The cables uphold and bind together the structure to keep it solid and dependable, just like in the picture above. The suspension bridge relies on the cables to support the weight of the cars, trucks, and pedestrians crossing over it. Good character upholds values that bind us together so we may be a solid community and have dependable interactions with each other.

But, when we use the term “good,” what exactly do we mean? A community needs to agree upon what they determine to be “good” traits in each other in order to encourage these traits and have a viable community. Most probably these traits are ones that are the most desirable ones that allow the community to survive and even thrive.

People need relationships to survive. Having an agreed upon way to interact, allows things to run smoothly in these relationships. When…

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Oh go VOTE your conscious.  We’ll get what we get, what we elected and probably what we deserve.  Thus spake druathustra.