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Oh bb you can be good and bad, I’ll be the ugly. ~~dru~~

Thank you for the humor and the opinion. You may know a lot more than you think.
FROM: **a person who is going to have to live thru this**

Whatever…any or all of this IS….it smells…but WE are to blame.

My father a rather ineffectual but charming “politician” used to say “who’s the boss…who’s the boss? My mother a practical, beautiful and extremely drunk & crazy person would respond: “God and he helps those who help themselves”. Growing up in my family was a chore but never boring.


Letters from Athens

The US election result left a lot of people in shock. I will not attempt to comment on the subject, since I do not consider myself knowledgeable enough. After all, I have never lived in America, so what do I know?

Taking a step back, however, I can discern a depressing trend in what we consider as ‘the western world’. The Brexit affair; the whole Greek catastrophe; the information that today the French president, François Hollande, holds the unenviable record of the lowest approval rating ever (4%); the wish of both Scotland and Catalonia to secede from their countries… I’m sure there are many other examples. Also the fact that the polls are increasingly getting it wrong – their predictions are off. What does this tell us? That people are dissatisfied, resentful, uneasy. This makes them vote in unpredictable ways – against, rather than for, something. But why? The reasons…

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do i drink because i’m crazy or am i crazy because i drink?

Sort of egg or chicken first type of question.


What kind of student am i? 

 The one who stopped going to school when she couldn’t figure out the answers without reading the text.

 ARE there cracks in the ceiling that I can trip over?

 Does anybody really know what time it is? 

Does anybody really care?


THOUGHTS IN THE DARK OF MIDNIGHT when the hours are wee and small

 it occurs to me that sometimes anger is just another form of tears but that i’d rather defend my anger than expose my tears…..

 unfortunately i usually do it all; shout, defend, cry, scream, expose, and stamp my feet……

… nauseam……

no wonder my feet hurt!

 If you’re not careful you’ll trip on the cracks in the ceiling.

 If i could make one good decision for each twenty bad decisions, i’d be so far ahead in this game; i’d be winning.

 i hate tax time.  (Over now)   i hate old cars.  (That don’t run)  i’m rather fond of old cars that do run.   i hate my birthday.  (Over now) and I think I need to rethink this statement since i garner a shit load of stuff and attention on or around my birthday and get to play goddess.

 my ankles hurt; as well as my thumbs, my wrists, my back, a place in my neck, one elbow and the a fore mentioned, feet parts….OOooooo and my head too.

 i’m so tired but i’m afraid in the dark,

also there are so many catz in my bed they take up all the covers and most of the space and they jump on my toes…they look like pin cushions…my toes not the catz.  Plus “HE” plays grab ass all the time in his sleep.  Probably should be thankful for that but i’m not.  He laughs and giggles and shouts at me too.  Sometimes he even talks sense instead of gibberish.  Scary.  The bath tub looks inviting but i think i’ll sleep? sitting up.

 i wish i’d met Uncle Shelby…..sigh…who didn’t know he spent all his time at the Playboy Mansion?

 nighty byes.

 Oh ps I wish people who actually know me wouldn’t call me at 7:30 in the morning, especially when i’m in the midst of an insomnia attack.  Then again, how would they know, regarding the insomnia?  For safety’s sake just don’t call me at 7:30 am unless you just died.

 gawd something smells bad in here…more than usual i mean…probably that kitten that died but i can’t find.  I’m not sure which is worse, a dead kitten crawled off to die that you can’t find or finding such.

 i wish i was an oscar meyer wiener.  Oooo and why is it that i can’t hear or see but can smell like hell.  And I mean that in both the ways it can be taken.  Guess i need Vicks in my nose and a bath or at least a change of clothes. 

 going back to sleep; good night chet..good night david.

(i laugh so i dozomebie-girl not cry)