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Kiss a Vet, Hug a Vet, Remember a Vet, and Feed a Vet.  Just click below.  ~~dru~~

I LOVED the Magnificence 7 but ADORED Man From Uncle…..also got to say he was GREAT in Law and Order Episodes;   I’m SOOOOO soooo SOOOO tired.  dru


See you on the other side.   ~~dru~~

We are strong enough…oh yes we are.

Today, Thank a Vet, Kiss a Vet, or better yet…..Feed a Vet. ~~dru~~

Mellow  Curmudgeon

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In 1814,

the British Royal Navy bombards the fort guarding Baltimore’s harbor with state-of-the-art artillery.  The attack inspires a mediocre poem that is just barely singable (if U pretend that “yeh-et” is a word) to the tune of a British drinking song.  The Brits eventually get a consolation prize for the failure of the seige of Baltimore, when their song becomes our national anthem (but with lyrics from the poem, not the pubs).

On the morning of Election Day in 2016,


I find that the Pink Rebel (a Xmas cactus that blooms when it damn well pleases, and never at Xmas) has a nice blossom.  I take that to be a good omen. Good omens have…

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New Orleans jazz funerals — A joyous tradition

“We may not have the power to fix the world, but we possess the ability to communicate.And with this amazing means, we can help make the world a better place to live.” ~~dru~~

On this, November 11th, the day we remember the people who have given their lives  for their countries, I find the disparity between the ultimate in self-sacrifice and the continuing reports of disrespect and lack of empathy discouraging. I had a discussion on Facebook this morning with a man who told me that his daughter-in-law had been verbally accosted in a store while holding her 18-month-old child; there are so very many reports such as this and even worse coming in, it almost makes me want to hide. But I won’t, because there is something I can do.

For all the people who lack empathy in the world, I believe there are more who understand that we all have our struggles. And whether we deem them bigger than ours or not, a struggle is a struggle. An exhausted single mother washing her own dishes in an effort to control something

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Driver that slams on brakes is gonna have a lap full of cat. hee hee hee These just make my day. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums


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Click there I’m too tired to do the whole post i thought i would.

Well one last time, since i can’t help myself and since this man has been such a large part of my life. And now, hopefully, like the baby referred to….i shall sleep. Of course maybe not…We’ll see. ~~dru~~


i’m soo sooo sooo tired but maybe i can go to sleep now.!   ………dru

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i’m going to stop crying now; about everything!

My mother died on this day and while not a real tragedy for most….it hurt me, so I still light a candle for rememberance

I’m tired of my own idiocy and am going to try a little harder (notice the little part) but she was able to laugh and so am i.  Next week is another day…..hell tomorrow is another day.  I think this man was so much more of a poet than some….and of course so much less in the grand scheme of things but a poet non the less


I’m sooo sooo sooo tired but I’m not through yet…..sorry guys but you’re gonna hear from me.  ~~dru~~