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I WANT the meat….can’t usually even eat a whole burger but those three or four gigantor bits is heaven. My mother (vegetarian) would actually make burgers at home in the summer on the grill. She’d shred 1/3 cheddar cheese, 1/3 grated white onion and 1/3 peeled apple and then stuff the burgers. I know this sounds yucky but to me it was wonderful! Add some worcester sauce to the mix and some pub mustard….O and of course toast the bun on the grill and it was nirvana. I usually don’t like my burgers too chefy but this was okay by me. ~~dru~~

In Saner Thought

I hope everyone is having a good Saturday…..

In the past I have written about food…I had a food blog awhile back but it got too much trying to keep up with more than one so I had to let my food one and my state on go to sleep…..

I like food…I particular love a really good burger…..that is a toasted bun, 2/3 to a pound of beef and mayo and spicy brown mustard…..the garden goes on the side with bleu cheese dressing…..

I wrote about a new diner in my area that specializes in burgers….but they have to tart them up…..worse thing you can do to a burger is get all “chefy” with it……but in case you would like to see what the new diner is all about…..

Source: Food Nazi: All American Burger – In Saner Thought

Some fast food burgers are not bad……Backyard Burger with blue…

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Can’t hurt….I’m not really a Demo any more but I’m still a registered one. Activism is needed in all sections of our life. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums



IMPORTANT!!! – ‘Today we’re focused on helping Howard Dean be selected for DNC Chair’.

‘On Sunday seven people will select the next DNC Chair. We need everyone here to call or email those seven people and advocate for Howard Dean and the fifty State Strategy – before Sunday. Contact info is provided at the link’.

For the love of the Democratic Party, Please don’t go hard left.

We have been there trice in my lifetime and it does not end well.

Tengrain lent me keys to the thunderbolt grease-slapper and now my plans to rule the world can finally be put into motion. It’s taken me 35 years but now nothing can stop me. I have guest pri…

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Weird and Wonderful, so I thought I’d share. ~~dru~~

Sheldon Kleeman


Life has its natural order

But protection is

Curcical if we

Are to survive

Yet as precious

As Life is ………

Life is now



And that by


Is a



Who is speaking

Out the side

Of their neck

Writing checks

With their


That their

Mouth can



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To  friends of mine who still make me laugh and make me think or even worse RETHINK.  While I can’t agree with their politics; I’d forgotten their amazing ability to find genius.  THANK YOU to  you know who…..hope you read this.  ~~dru~~

“Rodney Marvin “Rod” McKuen (April 29, 1933 – January 29, 2015) was an American singer-songwriter, musician and poet. He was one of the best-selling poets in the United States during the late 1960s.”  source: Wikipedia

If you had listened hard enough you might have heard what what I meant to say






WE may still be being very LOUD but it is all still silence.  AND we’ve made another NEON god…..ooooooo gawd…..  ~~dru~~