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Hi Doug and the Boyz, my catz can get down right mean when it is a prize like my lap. Between my tummy, and two cats there is really no room and when a third tries to ascend; my tummy is the one that gets swatted most often. Aahhh this life of living with furry demons. ~~dru~~


Jeez! Andy and Dougy continue their recliner war today. Some of us (me) are getting a bit tired of the kitty boys’ “war”!


Andy notices Dougy’s soliciting support for a take over….111816 andy views dougy suspiciously.jpg

Dougy is mad! He wants that dang recliner, folks!111816 dougy is mad.jpg

Checking with me first for approval…111816 doug wants my approval.jpg

…or whatever support he can get, Dougy stages eye contact with Andy! Ears back, it’s ON!!111816 dougy confronts andy.jpg

The coup is on!111815 an unexpected coup.jpg

Dougy glares at Andy (off camera)….111816 dougy looks out after taking chair.jpg

“MINE!” he proclaims after a successful recliner seizure.111816 dougy says mine.jpg

That’s Caturday this week. The kitty boys don’t share well when it’s a prize like the recliner!

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Thank you BB for another post I can relate too. ~~dru~~