“In a small town during World War II, the bumbling duo Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) seem to fail at everything they attempt. Rejected from enlisting in the army, the hapless Stan and Ollie volunteer as air raid wardens, all the while partaking in numerous business ventures that are doomed to fail. When they are inevitably fired as air raid wardens, the two have a shot at redemption when they discover a Nazi spy ring planning to destroy a magnesium plant.”  source: imbd

Per Wikipedia, this movie is the first of the two movies that Stan and Ollie made with MGM Studios.  It was released in 1958 in West Germany under the name of Bombenkerle.

“Laurel & Hardy legend has it that Air Raid Wardens was subtly sabotaged by the presence on the movie’s set of a Civil Defense official who wouldn’t tolerate any kidding of defense procedures. Based on the evidence of the final film, the guy must have gotten a major promotion.”  source: movie movie blog blog

45% of Rotten Apples Audience participants liked the movie but that means 55% did not.

“Subpar Laurel and Hardy comedy, as it lacks freshness and the material is too thin for a feature.”

Maybe this is why I can’t find any references or any other sales for the MGM Limited Edition porcelain sculpture depicting the car crash from that movie, that I have on eBay right now.

This piece seems to be very rare indeed