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Implied Spaces



Post your message now, before you sail.

We are all refugees here.

Set sail, set sail.


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Oh good luck but even cowgirls get the blues!

Right now mine are just poooohing EVERYWHERE. Made their point we will go back to the more expensive cat food. ~~dru~~
ps: got a lick in though; i put the antibiotics in goat’s milk and dosed 3 or them so far. Yah….long live kittens.

Oh hell i’m re-visiting old wounds and why the hell not share? ~~dru~~


This is actually a post for a very special friend of mine on a subject that is very near to her. 

She publishes here at WordPress too but in a much more erudite and substantial manner on an esoteric subject that I once followed avidly, as a hobbyist, but now that I’m a broke, depressed, isolationist; I know nothing about.

 She writes on the sport that Toady might have called

And Jackie Stewart most assuredly did call “Motor Car Racing”

A misnomer if ever, as the only motor under the “hood” might just be the starter motor.

An engine is an internal combustion machine and a motor is the electrical machine that turns.

From Merriam-Webster online dictionary:
4: a machine for converting any of various forms of energy into mechanical force and motion; also : a mechanism or object that serves as an energy source <black holes may be…

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Well “HE” just told me, he will be feeding the throw up catz more throw up cat food, hell I can not co plain, cuz  donz have the $$$ to buy better.  Now that I stay home I guess i can clean up the mess…o’ frabjous day.  (not even a ‘hey let us talk about this..just a done deal)  Screw “HE”  who will not obey!