I’m getting so fed up with being even close to nice…..HEAR me Family & Friends. Schedule appointments with me and KEEP ’em, i am perfectly capable of faking and screwing up myself, don’t need your examples and instructions.

Can’t get a hold of me cuz the catz knocked the plug to the land line out of the wall?  You called once and only once in one hour on a day I already told you I was business….hell there are hours left to go in the day. ….DON’T CALL MY PARTNER AND TAKE HIM OFF THE JOB TO SEE WHAT IS GOING ON…maybe for a emergency but….NOT just so you can tell me you screwed up and tomorrow is not the day you wanted me to come over and lose my own day while helping you. GET it RIGHT write it down and look at your calendar or leave me alone. I cancelled personal appointments for this commitment and I can’t in good faith go back and ask for a redo from them.