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Run what you brung!

Thai redflannelnightieVegetable Tempura Onion Rings vs Regular Onion Rings that accompany the Best Burger in the World… to going to bed with the woman you love in her favorite flannel nightgown vs longing for that Victoria’s Secret model in her negligee. redflannelnightie2



Greetings from the KRAMPUS on this Krampusnacht.

May the children survive and learn to be good, May St.Nick keep contriving to bring what he should, May our lives be less modern and far less PC, now goodnight all my darlin’s….MORE SCHNAPPS FOR ME!


It has been a rough few hours here in the middle of this day and your blog brought me joy, peace, and happiness. THANK YOU! and HAPPY Birthday Christina.

bluebird of bitterness

In honor of the birthday of the English poetChristina Rossetti(1830 – 1894), here is a choral setting of her poem “Love Came Down at Christmas.”

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I’ve got a kitten that took me over as its mother semi-abandoned him prior to his belief that the nurturing time was up; so I had fed him kitten formula for awhile and he LOVES ME! But like yours, he really can’t release his claws and I go around with hands, arms, and forelegs filled with puncture holes as he jumps straight onto me and then slides down me like I’m furniture. My arms/legs are starting to look like my couch arms/legs. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums

Just one happy, healthy kitten.

Bathes herself now, sort of. Whines about E V E R T H I N G !!!!! And still has a hard time releasing her claws so hilarious watching her try to climp anything.




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