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Today more than ever we need to remember the sacrifices caused by WAR. What IS IT good for? ~~dru~~

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75 years ago day……

Today we commemorate the “Day of Infamy”…..the Japanese attack on our naval base at Pearl Harbor….they also attacks a few other installations but Pearl Harbor was the biggie for them……the day we entered into the conflict known as “World War 2″…….

Please take a moment and remember those brave men, 2403 total, that gave their lives on this day……they should NEVER be forgotten!

We are also in the middle of commemorating the 100 years that it has been since the start of another “Great War”….World War One…the war that gave us the world we now live in……

The world as we know it today began with the 1st World War…..and sadly…not much has changed…..

As this year closes out I want to remember the horrible battles and the massive deaths of that war and that year, 1916…..the Battle of the Somme, Verdun, the Alps, etc…….


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A different and perhaps even sadder reflection on this day. Thank you GP for the information. ~~dru~~

Pacific Paratrooper


People around the nation, including some vocal congressmen, asked why America had been caught off guard at Pearl Harbor.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said he would appoint an investigatory commission. Supreme Court Justice Owen Roberts — a pro-British internationalist friendly with FDR — was selected to head it. Also appointed to the group: Major General Frank McCoy, General George Marshall’s close friend for 30 years; Brigadier General Joseph McNarney, who was on Marshall’s staff and chosen on his recommendation; retired Rear Admiral Joseph Reeves, whom FDR had given a job in lend-lease; and Admiral William Standley, a former fleet commander. Only the last seemed to have no obvious fraternity with the Washington set.

The commission conducted only two to three days of hearings in Washington. Admiral Standley, arriving late, was startled by the inquiry’s chummy atmosphere. Admiral Harold Stark and General Marshall were asked no difficult or embarrassing questions. Furthermore…

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Today is the Day, a few years after this post originated but I found it informative and respectful and wish to reblog were others do it better than me. Take a moment of silence for the World and for our Vets. ~~dru~~

i’ve decided to ignore all Trump posts (on anyone’s’ blog) as i’m just fed up, depressed and tired of wallowing; but you slipped this one by me and i’m laughing and giggling and happy i didn’t delete first and ask questions later. THANX for making my morning. ~~dru~~

The Last Of The Millenniums



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Who is seducing who?  I ask you?  


I ask again


And let us go back to the beginnings:





Now ain’t that the truth? ~~dru~~

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We live in a world built on promises, constructed by liars.

~ Unknown

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Dedicated to my once best friend, who finally deserted me on “Pearl Harbor Day” but it took me years to realize it for sure and to finally realize not only was it for the best….it was a VERY good thing.    ~~dru~~