Well they have turned off my water AGAIN today, that makes three times that they have warned me in the last two weeks and one whole week before where they did it intermittently without any warning what so ever.  I know our infrastructure needs to be repaired and replace; I know this is good for my neighborhood and my community but I also know I’m going out of my mind…it is oppressive and brings out high anxiety, particularly to me a person with “bathroom issues”.


The noise of the drilling and cutting, the noise of the pounding and digging, the noise of the “good-hearted” work men shouting at each other makes me cringe and want to go back to bed.  When they pound or drill hard enough this 80 year home quivers in its boots.

menatwork4I can’t get a shower, I can’t do laundry, I can’t wash dishes and worse yet; this irritation and anxiety is making my bathroom issues far worse.  I shouldn’t take a Xanax in the middle of the day, I REALLY SHOULDN’T have a beer, ear plugs don’t work and I’m going coo coo bonkers!  Thank gawd this isn’t the day I’m being taken out for a Xmas lunch at the Mission Inn; cuz I can’t get a shower.  Oh I’m wallowing just plain wallowing….my Internet keeps going down and I’m going to blame that on them too.


I feel alone and abandoned and just want to sleep and I got 6 whole hours of the stuff last night and should be entirely rested and refreshed. Last week “those men”, they walked up onto my yard and unhooked the hose and turned the spigot on full blast until all the “stored” water in the pipes ran out.  Now if they’d left the hose hooked up they could have placed it by my scraggly rose bushes and given them a good water.  They could have laid the hose under the lemon tree and gave it a good water; they could have knocked on my door and told me what they were doing and asked how I wanted to handle it.  I was there right in the front room, right by the front door but not a whisper of what they were doing.  Mostly they let the water run out through the hydrant across the street but this time they let some run from my spigot – which runs my meter up.  I called the City and said I wouldn’t pay my bill one penny over what it was on the last bill.  We’ll see what happens.  I don’t water my lawn anymore….just the trees, bushes, and potted plants; so this run off just encourages all the fck’n dead weeds that now comprise my front yard to become Zombie Weeds.  I want to buy fake snow and spray all the once dead but now recovering weeds white for Xmas.  That should put an end to their reign!  “HE” won’t let me or fund the project and I’m out of moola until the 3rd of January…so sigh.

My Stomach hurts.  I’m going in to get an antacid and a beer….so much for AA, today.  It sounds like the great gawd of dentistry is drilling a cavity just off my front yard AND they are also drilling for oil across the street.



menatwork2  ~~dru~~