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Non campaign: Marine Wildlife

“Many at-risk marine animals face pressure from overfishing, climate change and habitat destruction. For example, endangered sea turtles are caught as bycatch by fishing boats around the world…”

In addition to protecting marine life from dangerous fishing practices, Oceana also works to keep them safe from offshore energy exploration. For example, Oceana campaigns to keep the U.S. Atlantic Coast safe from seismic airgun blasting, which could threaten the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale and negatively impact dolphin populations. And while Oceana advocates for cleaner energy sources like offshore wind, Oceana urges that wind turbines be installed in a safe manner that minimizes harmful impacts on marine life.   source: Oceana

Grüne Meeresschildkröte, Suppenschildkröte, Chelonia mydas, G

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“Since 2001, Oceana has achieved dozens of concrete policy victories for marine life and habitats. From stopping bottom trawling in sensitive habitat areas to protecting sea turtles from commercial fishing gear, our victories represent a new hope for the world’s oceans.”


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