I’m in a damn dreary rainy bitchy mood and decided to publish this post after all, so i retrieved if from the trash bin and here it is….me

I’m having a very hard time right now with coping and so I’m trying to avoid any and everything that upsets me or makes me cry

But “He Who Will Not Obey” would just not let me be, regarding this odd “glitch” in our recent Nobel Prize history.  I don’t believe my idol…and don’t get me wrong…Dylan is one of the large influences in my life…I just don’t believe he really deserved this Honor…might we say Patti, deserves this as much or more and that he was recognized but would not, at first accept it, was mortifying to me.  HUMBLE my ass!  Uppity…yah i think so and then he didn’t SHOW and “called it in”.  I am ashamed and did not want to consider this whole drama but “HE” just wouldn’t stop sending me these YouTube clips…so now I’m passing them on to you.  The last clip is from me not “HE”

Don’t get me wrong, I know he is a poet, almost more so than a song writer…being musician is not exactly the same thing, a title I believe him to be consummate in.   I really do believe within myself that “The Pump Don’t Work Cuz the Vandals Took the Handle” is so amazingly intricate a verse or lyric for such a simple sentence.  There are so many scenes and stories that one simple sentence can conjure; but I really think others deserved this honor more than him and he just blew it off.  As a protest writer, as a poet of no definition (Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands made me weep then and now), as a song writer no longer of clear definition but still great, as a musician and spokesperson…he has achieved high stature BUT NOBEL PRIZE, I’m not sure and to duck it is to suck it!

So there “HE” i listened

Here is my YouTube contribution to this tirade….now leave me alone!