I keep my Christmas decorations up until January 5th, by my reckoning the 12th night, but when I used to really celebrate that eve…it was just with sweets and champagne and friends.

Now, I just take down my decorations but substitute Winter for Christmas. My trees in this mostly sunny land are decorated with white lights instead of multi-lights and “Santie” is nowhere around.

I thrive, drive, and almost survive this time of year. Thank you for an informative post. ~~dru~~

English-Language Thoughts

Who’s going to be coming down your chimney tomorrow night, sack of gifts in tow? Santa Claus? Santy? St. Nick? Or perhaps Father Christmas?

The most common name for the chap is of course Santa Claus, which comes from the Dutch Sinterklaas, in turn derived from St. Nicholas. A Greek bishop working in Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey), he became famous for a secret habit of gift-giving. Also, because of the many miracles associated with him, he also became known as Nikolaos the Wonderworker, and it’s a shame that name hasn’t remained popular.

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